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The Perfect Insider

Jan 15, 2016

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The Perfect Insider was mystery anime I originally hadn’t planned to watch but eventually did.


*So the first thing that I liked in this anime was the animation. Now the animation really divides the anime community. Some will really like this sort of character design, others will absolutely despise it. Because the character design was quite special, it also took me quite a while to get used to it. Especially since I’m not used to this kind of animation from A-1 Pictures. But after I got used to it, it didn’t bother me anymore. 

And an aspect that I did like was the color palette in the Perfect Insider. You know that I like very colorful anime’s but the Perfect Insider is the complete opposite, this is a very gray and sober anime. But despite the fact that I like colors, in this anime the gray and monotone theme fitted the anime and the atmosfeer of the story. It is still after all a murder-investigation story.

*The next thing that I liked was the relationship between our 2 main characters Moe and Saikawa and to be more precise the fact that there’s almost no development in their relationship. Now I’m being contradictory here again because usually I hate it when there’s no development in the relationship between 2 characters. 

But here that was different, I liked that their relationship at the end of the anime is exactly the same as at the start of the anime. Because, in my opinion, a romance between them would not have fitted the anime, it would have been out of place. So that’s why I liked the sort of platonic relationship between Moe and Saikawa. Now it’s not entirely true that there’s no development at all, but there isn’t any on the romantical platform and that was a good thing here.

*Now what I also liked was the daring path that the anime took. See when we were about 5-6 episodes into the anime. A lot of people in the anime community started to come up with theories about who had murdered Shiki and one of those theories became very popular. The thing is that that theory was fucked up and I mean really fucked up. I remember that I was discussing this theory with a friend of mine and that I literarily said to him “If they dare to go that path, I’m going to take my hath of for them.” 

Well, here you go, Perfect Insider, I take my hath of for you. The truth about Shiki’s death was so fucked up and bravo to A-1 Pictures for having the guts to take such a dark and daring path. I haven’t seen a lot of anime’s that came up with such a sick and disturbing conclusion. But that was what made the conclusion of the Perfect Insider really original and it’s definitely one I will remember for a long time.

*And related to that is my last positive point which was the plot twist in the final episode. When I finished the 10th episode, I thought that the story was done, the mystery was solved. But then in the final episode the anime throws a twist at us that I didn’t see coming. When I was watching that final episode I was like “Wow”. It was like the last piece of the puzzle but the puzzle got quite rearranged by the fit of it. So yeah, if you want to find out what it was, I can only suggest to watch the anime yourself.


Now there were good things about the Perfect Insider, but I had one major problem with this anime. It’s something very subjective and personal so don’t judge me for it. I found the anime to be quite boring, especially in the middle part. There was absolutely no excitement from let’s say episode 3 to episode 8. Nothing was happening, nothing got solved. Every solution to the mystery was packed in episodes 9 and 10. In those episodes everything gets solved. I would have enjoyed the anime more if the mystery would have been solved bit by bit, not everything at once. If we got a piece of the puzzle every episode, I would have been way more interested in the story but now. Now the story kind of lost me along the way, becoming quite boring to watch.


So as a conclusion, I’m not going to say that The Perfect Insider is a bad anime, definitely not. If you’re into serious mystery anime’s then I think you will really enjoy this anime but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. And that’s why I’m going to rate Subete ga F ni Naru at 2,5 stars. I want to repeat myself, this is not a bad anime but to me it was a bit to boring to really interest me.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
5.5/10 overall

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