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Nov 2, 2015

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This review will cover all 3 seasons of Working!!


*So the first thing that I liked about this anime was the comedy. This anime made me laugh every single episode. I loved all the humor in Working!! from Satou’s ultra dry humor to the absurd situations Inami get’s herself into. Every episode there was at least one moment where I was laughing out loud.

*Next positive point were the characters, I loved every character in this anime. I even liked Yamada with her cocky personality. If I had to choose my favorite characters, I would choose Satou for his personality and his humor. And as second I choose Inami because she is just so cute. I really liked her for her looks, her personality and she belongs at the top of my most adorable female characters list.

And than I have to mention one thing about Takanashi: a couple of weeks ago in my review of Ore Monogatari! I said that the main male Takeo gave the word dense a new meaning. Well Takanashi comes pretty close because it literally takes him 30 episodes to realize the feelings that Inami has for him, something that we see from the first season.

*And that brings me seamlessly to the romance. I loved both romances in Working!! Let’s start with the one between Satou and Yachiyo. It’s a romance that we don’t get to see early in the anime but when it appeared I immediately got into it. Satou soon realizes his feelings for Yachiyo but is to ‘scared’ to tell her. And with Yachiyo is about the same story only she realizes it much later. But I really routed for them and was then of course really happy when they finally became a couple in the last season.

Now I would talk about the Takanashi-Inami couple but I’m going to save that for later in this review, you will see why.

*And lastly I also enjoyed the opening and ending songs of all the seasons of Working!!. The opening songs were always so cheerful that you just had to become happy if you heard them. And the ending songs were also very good going from a rock theme in the first season to a more disco vibe in the second one.


*A first negative point were the endings to 2 of the 4 story lines. The ending of the Yamada storyline I found bearable. There was build up to that ending but it still felt a bit strange. But the end of the Oto storyline was less to my liking. That ending felt so sudden, with out build-up. It was just: here’s your wife Oto and that was the end of it.

*The following negative point resolves around one of the characters: Matsumoto. I don’t understand why she is in this anime. She only appears in 2 episodes so she adds completely nothing to the anime. I understand that the writhers put her into the anime to at least have one ‘normal’ person but then she should have made more appearances. I would have appreciated her more than.

*And a last negative point, well negative is a big word here, was the massive trolling that the anime did at the end of the Takanashi-Inami storyline. I was routing for Takanashi and Inami from the first moment they met. Yes it was pretty obvious that they would fall in love with each other but still I found the development in their relationship enjoying to watch. And as I said before Inami is so damn cute so I really wanted her to get into a relationship with Takanashi. 

So there I was starting the final episode of season 3 with the thought that that would finally happen. But then the anime decided to troll me by postponing that moment even more. Because an extra 1 hour special called: Lord of the Takanashi was announced after the final episode. Now nothing like a release date has been released yet but I hope I don’t have to wait long, hopefully not another 4 years, for it because I’m really eager to finally see that relationship happen. When it comes out I will definitely do a separated review on that.


So as a conclusion Working was a very fun, heartwarming anime that you don’t watch for the amazing deep storylines but for the excellent comedy, the likable characters and the sweet romances. I had a blast watching it so I’m going to rate the entirety of Working!! at 4 stars. If you’re a fan of romance, comedy, slice of life I definitely recommend watching this anime.

8.5/10 story
7/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.3/10 overall

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