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The Fruit of Grisaia

Jul 5, 2015

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This review will cover everything from Project Grisaia, so Grisaia no Kajitsu, Meikyuu and Rakuen.

Now the setup of this review will be slightly different than usual. Usually I group my positive and negative points together but with Grisaia it’s easier to go chronological.

So let’s start off with the first season Grisaia no Kajitsu or the Fruits of Grisaia in English.

*And I’m going to start of with a negative point which are the first 9 episodes, they were so boring and weird. Seeing Yuuji unravel the pasts off the girls was ok but it could have been done a lot better. Two of the five stories get resolved in 1 episode. That’s pretty much the same as not using that story at all. 

The storyline were I had the most problems with was the one off Sakaki. When Grisaia started it was heavily hinted that she would be the main heroine of the story, so I thought that here storyline would be resolved as last and that it would be the one with the most dept. But her storyline gets resolved as second and it is shoved aside in 1 episode.

*So after the first 9 episodes I was pretty much done with Grisaia but then the anime took an 180 degree turn in the last 4 episodes. I was already surprised that it wasn’t Sakaki who was the main heroine but that it eventually was Amane who took up that role.

Those 4 episodes resolving around Amane were of a completely different level than the rest of Kajitsu. The story about Amane and Yuuji’s sister was much more interesting than all the rest of the anime and I really enjoyed it. I was getting back into this anime and so my hopes rised again for the next season.

*But I first had to plow through something else that was released in the weeks after Kajitsu and those were the Specials. If you saw my No Game no Life review than you know that is one thing that I absolutely fucking hate in anime and that’s this kind of bullshit fanservice. 

Yes Grisaia's origins lay in an erogue game and that’s already made clear by some suggestive scenes in Kajitsu. But that clearly wasn’t enough for the writhers. 

No let’s take all the female characters, give them each an episode in which they are completely naked, do suggestive things to eventually reach an orgasm. When I saw these, I was like WTF writhers, are you really that desperate to gain views that you include this kind of shit?

*Moving on with the next positive point which is going to be the 40 minute special, Grisaia no Meikyu and the first 4 episodes of the second season Grisaia no Rakuen or the Eden of Grisaia.

In these episodes we get a fully fleshed out and detailed backstory for our main hero Yuuji and it was so well done. It was so detailed and sometimes even touching to see. Also Yuuji’s relationship with Asako was really interesting to see.

At the time of these episodes, Rakuen was one of my favorites of the spring season and I though Waw if this anime is going to continue like this than this is going to be gold.

*Unfortunately, after we finished Yuuji’s backstory and went back to the main storyline it declined a bit. I really hoped that they would continue where we left off at the end of Kajitsu and that the rest of Rakuen would cover the search for Yuuji’s sister.

But they went kind off on a weird way, yes we do get resolution on Yuuji’s sister but the way the resolved it wasn’t my taste. The story in a whole wasn’t my taste. Now don’t get me wrong it’s still a thousand times better than the first season but if they stayed a bit more “normal” then I think it would’ve been even better.

But overall I must say that I did like watching those episodes, it was something different than I’m used too and we actually get to see some more interaction between the girls which is also a point that’s missed in Kajitsu.


So as a conclusion, Grisaia started off really bad then went extremely good and after that declined a bit., so this wasn’t an easy call to make. They were things that I absolutely hated about Grisaia and others that pleased me a lot more. 

So considering everything I’m going to rate project Grisaia at 3,5 stars. That is without the specials which get the lowest possible score of 0,5 star. DoI recommend watching Grisaia? Yes I do especially for Meikyu and the second season.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.6/10 overall

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