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Sound! Euphonium

Jul 2, 2015

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*The first thing that immediately caught my attention was the animation in Hibike. I love this kind of sharp and precise animation. Especially the instruments were beautifully animated. And that’s no wonder if you know that the big music company Yamaha supported this anime and made sure that the animation off the instruments was perfect.

*Because Hibike centers around music I of course have to give my opinion about the music. And with me you can’t go wrong with classical music, even though concert band music isn’t my favorite amongst the classical music genres. 

But the music was really good in this anime and the nicest surprise for me came at the very end. The makers off this anime did the effort to compose a concert band version of the opening song Dream Sollister. To  me that’s clear proof of how devoted the crew was on this anime.

*A last positive point that blew me off my chair were the lesbian undertones in this anime. The possible lesbian relationship between Kumiko and Kousaka was the most interesting thing in this anime. And especially the way that it was portrayed here. 

We all know how lesbian relationships usually get portrayed in anime. But Hibike was different, this wasn’t what it usually is, it was portrayed like it has to be portrayed.


*It is than also a real shame that they didn’t went further with this, I would have  loved to see how their relationship would have developed because it was something different but unfortunately the anime doesn’t do that. It stays at undertones, we never get to see the relationship moving forward.

*The story of Hibike was midly interesting, the concert band trying to get into the nationals is kind of a predictable story. I thought that the anime would concentrate on the messed up relationship between Kumiko and Kousaka but that story gets “resolved” in the first few episodes so that was a missed chance there.

Also the ending of the anime was very predictable, a little bit more creativity wouldn’t have harmed there.

*A last negative point is that the 2 friends of Kumiko: Hazuki and Midori didn’t add a lot to the story even though they are two main characters. They could have been a lot more involved into the main story line. 

At a certain point there seems to be a side story resolving around Hazuki being created but also that gets pushed to the side fast. And Midori, I don’t see where she comes into play in this anime. Without her we would have had the same storyline.


So as a conclusion, Hibike missed a lot of chances to become interesting: the messed up relationship between Kumiko and Kousaka, the actual relationship between them, the Hazuki side story, the sidestory resolving around Aoi which I didn’t even mention yet. All missed chances in my eyes and like that the anime ended up being quite stereotypical for this kind of anime. So I’m going to rate Hibike! Euphonium at 3 stars, luckily there was always the nice animation to keep my interest in this anime.

5/10 story
9/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.8/10 overall

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Wakasagihime Aug 30, 2015

The part about the lesbo relationship is actually a large part of the good point. A very accurate review.