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XxZeroeZxX Aug 31, 2015

Hi there *waves*

I saw ur 3 part review of the Haruhi series, and I was wondering why you didn't review the original anime? In fact, on further inspection u don't even hav it marked as watched... That's kind of a problem lol

SuperAgentJC Aug 20, 2015

Exactly. If he actually did his job at being unlikeable in a logical way, then he is a character that you love to hate. So, in my perspective, he deserves a full heart, not a broken one. But you decide on that. I'm just giving a recommendation, not an order. Though I will say that I don't really hate him. I think he's just another victim in the whole scandal that was basically created by the "illogical" Sekai. Boy, do I hate her so much; and there are reasons on why I don't love to hate her.

SuperAgentJC Aug 19, 2015

This is my response to your comment on Makoto Itou. It's animation fans like you that disappoint me. Come on, make up your mind. Do you love to hate him because of what he did, or do you think he's a badly written character?

Kaera Oct 18, 2014


Welcome to A-P! I hope you'll have fun on here :)