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I grew up watching animation as a kid.  Inadvertantly, I discovered that some of the animated stuff I viewed was in fact, animated in Japan.  Somewhere along the line I became interested in Japanese animation, but my first experience of the art form, which I viewed at the age of 13, traumatized me.  I wasn't even ready to see this kind of movie, and I foolishly assumed all Anime was just as violent and gory as this. Five years later, I came across a more family friendly film called Kiki's Delivery Service, which changed my mind on Japanese animation for good.  Since then, I've become a huge Anime fan, and I haven't looked back since.

Oh, and I'm also primarily a dub watcher.  Each review I write will feature detailed comments on the dubbed version of a specific show.  I find that it is unfair to lambast all dubbing as bad just because some haven't always turned out well.  There are good ones, and I feel it's important to stress that.

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