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Onani Master Kurosawa

Apr 7, 2021

<h1>Onani Master Kurosawa is a Masterpiece, but wait.... What the fuck are u talking? Yes my friend its actually the truth. So... What makes this manga a masterpiece?(contais spoilers) </h1> <h1> </h1> <h1> </h1>

Yes it is fucked up in some ways (like the protagonist literally being the ''masturbation master") but dont get me wrong here I´m talking about the development of this story in all means.

The characters in the beginning (particularly the protagonist) are degenerates that dont give a fuck about what comum sense is, like these girls that intentionally bullies the most fucked up character of all this history, Kitahara Aya, she´s probally the most important factor to story development, one time that because of her all the following events happen the way they happened.

Most likely its because of that "divine punishment" our great MC give to the girls (gross.) she guess he´s the mastermind behind it based in their first meeting and some other noticed things, and right here is where the fun (or not for the victims) begins, giving Kurosawa no other choice with a blackmail they make a agreement, in exchange for her silence him is bond to make some morally prohibited favors, like making the second target Kyoko Naito suffer a big humiliation exactly like the other two girls just because she put in fire in the situation of a big recent bullyng event.

After this point the story flows with our main character being a complete antissocial being, that remembers me of Hikki from Oregairu, continue to make his "daily mission" in the female bathroom (this actually has a great importance im the story) and we come across the second important as fuck character, parting ways from what you are thinking its not the broccoli hair man he´s a important as fuck charecter but gonna talk about him later, the character I`m refering is Takigawa Magister, a popular girl that is framed as one of the top 3 beauties of the classroom and is the first love interest of our great for nothing but ejaculate MC, in a rainy day the library got full of people waiting for rain to stop and here the first meeting ocurrs from this moment on time a spark of a future love shines.

So... at this moment you may be asking me "Wheres the part that make this work a masterpiece????" and I tell you, the character evolution. In more than one story is normal that the characters in some point get some changes to good or bad(here we have both) its like being in a roller coaster, the personality of the main protagonist flows according to the plot being in the high spot at the beginning where no one gives a fuck about him in neither ways to the deepest of them when he came to his limit with all events, principally the broccoli hair man (Keiji Nagaoka) actually starts dating with our MC love interest the breaking down of a human being, all he wanted and wished vanished by the most friendly person he got close. Yes, a big stab in the back, this flows into the more dangerous part of this story: the MC starts accepting all the request from the insane Kitahara, to the point of getting Takigawa dirty with his own hands.

At this point all we have is a breaked MC and a lunatic "boss" ordering him around, but when he is going to make another morally prohibited favor there is a drawing from Takigawa (in this moment just another victim) in one of the most important parts of all story "The dream of a little girl" in the drawing is the five of them (all the important characters, except Pizza-ta whatever that man) in the school excursion this point changes all in our MC mind and he got finally some balls.

And in what are mean to be a normal day the MC just stands up his hand asked the teacher for a moment and in front of ALL his fellow classmates tell them the truth and sincerelly apologize. My man this scene is just the fucking highest point of his development, all the class changes from that day and he is now a bullie target from basically all the school, but the point is not that he is paying for his past sins, no no no no, my point here is that he went through it all and stayed positive dont gived up in being a normal student and by some line he got it.

Onani Master Kurosawa is a story of a peverted young fellow that pass through some hardships in his life and overcome them with a pacific way, with nothing like the foolish vengeance Kitahara were all the time seeking, he just endure it and starts to be a more likeable being. This manga puts a whole line of thoughts, Is it not worth live the world outside the cabin? Is it not worth to have releationships with the other people? And the answer we receive is NO, there is a point in being a sociable being, there is a point in having relationships, there is a point to live the world at it fullest. Thsi is a story to make you rethink your life choices at the least.

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10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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