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Hello fellow anime fans and welcome to my page. To be honest, though, there is really not much to look at. I mainly like the characters I encounter in each anime series I find. Their personalities, stories, overall appearance, and especially the artistic and colorful designs used to sketch them to life are all the factors I look for in any good anime character. You can find some particular characters that have caught my interest in my custom lists. I also do reviews for some anime I have watched, so please be sure to comment. But aside from anime, there are other famous cartoon (and fictional) characters that I truely admire. I have listed a handfull of them below. Hope you find them interesting, I encourage you to research into them if you like. May you have a blessed day! :)

Note: You may find that I am a fan of the more underated, unappreciated (and forgotten) animes and characters.

Charlie Brown

Twilight Sparkle


Gandalf the Grey


Cayde 6

Dastardly and Muttley

Indiana Jones

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angeldust32145 May 7, 2019


u wanna be friends?

RoseCandle15 Nov 9, 2018

Hi, I like your profile picture!

mlemaudit Aug 17, 2017


I couldn't find these games at http://www.longplays.org, but I found them on youtube.

If you are interested :

By the way, some characters from Tail Concerto are appearing in Sola to Robo.

About, TaleSpin it was broadcasted in France when I was in High School but never had the time to watch it.

About Tail Concerto and Sola to Robo, they also remind me of Asebi.


mlemaudit Aug 14, 2017

Hello J1st,

I didn't really played Sola to Robo but I liked the universe.
It reminded me of the game Tail Concerto that I played a little a loooong time ago.
I liked the character design by Nobuteru Yuuki.
It also reminded me of Laputa which is one of my favorite Ghibli movies.

I'd also really love to watch an anime adaptation of both Tail Concerto and Sola to Robo... but I think I will have to wait for it to happen. 

For all theses reasons and I choose to use it as a signature.


lindapearl Feb 26, 2017

Hello, welcome to anime planet. Hope you enjoy your time here