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Love or Hate

Oct 6, 2020

the best yaoi manga i read so far.... 


HEASOO'S caracter is the best he is in total confution for both loves... i dont know if the thing between joowon and heasoo is love i think that he got used to him i wouldnt like him ending with joowon though joowon would be misreable in the end ... i gess heasoo deserevs to be happy yet the people that made his life misreable were his mother to begin with from the first time she saw them tougether she was against them yet she told him its okay to be gay yet not with joowon and there began the problems....

i dont know if many people thought the sam way i did i gess i was totally captivated with heasoo's character because i think it is the same as me and i am waiting for the ending to see how heasoo will be choosing to love tako or joowon the one who love him the most or the one who he loves the most yet he brings him heartache...

the art is great i love how each and every character looks they are sexy as hell...

the story is perfect i was looking for simlar story yet didint find...

the psycological theme is great...

i hop you would apload lots of great chapters 

i encourage you dear writer you are really reallly talented fighting :)

 i ship {heasoo teakyung}

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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FreakyGAL Dec 14, 2020

I also ship haesoo and taekyung

i feel like all three of them deserves to be happy 

and it's not like I dislike joowon or anything but I feel like he isn't the right person for haesoo...

haesoo and joowon has history but right now haesoo should focus on the chemistry between him and and K

But TBH I wouldn't mind if he ended up with either joowon or Taekyung🤷🏾‍♀️