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pupsia Feb 14, 2008

Hey! its nice to see you here =D

Reawen Dec 26, 2007

Haha well if you want to IM me sometime (messenger names are in my profile) or email me (reawen at anime-planet dot com), I can probably help you with that ^_^  You'll have to give me a day at least, though, so I can get back home (I'm traveling at the moment)

Reawen Dec 24, 2007

I just recently got the Beck soundtrack, and Koyuki's I've Got a Feeling is my favorite now, too ^_^ It's such a great moment to me in the show, every time I hear the song I get all fired up >_<

Izzo Dec 13, 2007

thanks guys.. that's avatar andsig from my fav. animes Av is Code Geass and sig Darker Than Black(someone couldn't remember CG,so.. :D )

1010rikku Dec 11, 2007

Welcome to anime-planet! Just wanted to say hello and to tell to feel free to stop by if you have any questions.

AS YOU CAN SEE, everyone here is pretty friendly and love getting comments from other cool members, so don't be shy!