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A nice and lightweight read. By lightweight I mean, that there aren't a lot of struggles for the MC. One plan after another succeeds (in one way or another). You could say, the main plot of this is not MC's struggling to become stronger, but for her to get things done. Since everything, more or less, falls into her hands by coincidence, it sometimes feels like the story is eventless.

But if you've read your few dozen mangas with female MCs that usually are full with betrayal, evil plots and scheming characters, then this is a nice change of pace, at least for once. You just have to know what you're about to read and you have to be in the mood for it.

I like the MC a lot and there are no annoying side characters that only exist for delaying the plot (like being a potential ML, even though you already know they won't become the ML, because you've read your fair share of similar stories). That is a huge plus for me, since there usually is AT LEAST one such annoying and useless side characte. They totally ruin everything for me whenever I see their faces and read their dumb and meaningless lines.
Well, tbh, there is one useless character constantly training to become her knight, while she's completely OP. Well, he will probably become the ML, so he should be displayed as hardworking and dedicated, I guess. Fortunately, he doesn't appear that often (even though every chapter he appears, I'm disappointed, because the chapter I waited long for only contains their childish wanna-be romance lines and cliches that I'm so tired of especially with a characterless character, if you know what I mean), Well, just scroll over it, it's meaningless anyways

7/10 story
?/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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