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Plain and generic. After 20 chapters it already feels repetitive.

The MC is OP in every aspect. He is the easy-going type and calm in every situation. You'll read "as expected" or something the like very often. That results in every climaxes being rather anticlimactic instead.

When his parents deemed our MC as unworthy for not having a skill and treated him as if he didn't exist and even forced his sister to treat him like that, he didn't give a shit. That itself isn't what disturbs me, in fact, I like that. What do you need such "parents" for anyways? Especially with his skills and intellect. But in the end, since it seems like a story for ~13-yo, all of this will be forgiven in 2-3 "we're sorry" panels, just like that. No follow-up or emotional situation will happen, because this is a shounen manga. There is no place for emotional baggage here. Even though it's one of the few things that could add at least a little bit of depths to the characters.

The harem, erm, I mean, his soly females followers are generic and cliche. Like every other shounen harem, erm, I mean, group of adventurers. There is a girl for almost every taste, yet, none of them is worth a shit (for the story, I mean). Their sole reason of existence is to be in awe of him and act surprised whenever he knocks someone down or displays his OP-ness.

All of that let the characters feel detatched from the world and the story.

4/10 story
?/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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