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I love to read stuff, watch anime and sleep a lot

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I'll be back, I promise:") 

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wlr Apr 1, 2023

nice taste :D

Professionaldiot Jan 18, 2023

This person, I agree with.

ImRandomJean Oct 10, 2022

Oh nice then if you were also occupied

Yeah, ph is really good and Sophism and Ephemerys seem really cool. I didn't know they commented so I'll check their comments from now on

Oh, Your Throne? Yes, I read about 25 chapters and I like it as much as ph. The plot, the characters, the drawing are Wow. And there is so much potential (for all the chapters I didn't read yet) that I know there is still much for me to savor.

They are both top tier webtoons so I understand why they are in your favorites

ImRandomJean Sep 30, 2022

Hello Ixhishishi
Sorry about the long wait, it's already been a month.. huh..

I may have stopped reading webtoons during this time but I got back to it recently.
I started with the ones you told me about and they were quite good!

Purple Hyacinth is a pleasure to read. I like the characters, Lauren is calm, smart and takes the initiative for her revenge and Kieran seems like the carefree type but is still strong and seem to have a dark past (maybe?). I'm also curious about characters like Kym and Lauren's uncle.
I wasn't interested with the drawing at first but the more I read, the more I likes it. It's really not bad. 
I like the thing about having songs playing while you read on the Webtoon app, I didn't use it that much tho
I'm at ch23 right now so I still have a lot to read but I wonder what's hidden behind the organization and the main characters' past for now (And psychic powers are fun too, so I hope there are more)

I find How to Win My Husband Over funny (with the mc's acting and all) yet good (the plot, the drawing and the characters are interesting).
I'm at ch27, *spoilers for everyone else reading* After Izek found out about her scars and when Rudy received a letter from her family.

The last one I read was Sister, I Am The Queen In This Life.
It's not really the one I liked the most but I may continue reading it. There were some interesting things here and there and I'm curious about some future events

And you? Did you find new ones or do you want to talk about another one you like?
And, sorry again for the wait

ImRandomJean Aug 22, 2022

No worries, I may also get busy with college soon

It's great that you like it and you're right about it being a bit slow at ˜ch60.. I guess I'll also binge it later

I don't really remember the name "Jeremy", is it the one named Jeffrey on Animeplanet?
If it is then good choice! He's also my favorite because of what he's done since they know each other and his character.