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Hey There! 
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Believe it or not I was once a person who made a promise to herself that I'll never watch anime!
And somehow I ended up here all thanks to COVID-19!

I am a total bookworm (not a text-book worm tho) who's really new into animes & stuffs. (I'm not new now tho😜 but I still have a shit ton of anime to watch!) 

Steins;Gate is the first anime I watched. Then the legendary Your Name and so on.

There are literally so many characters I like all of them are best in their own ways🤗
Point to be noted my fav trio is Emma, Norman & Ray and fav scene without a doubt "This book says,Idiots don't get sick" 😂 I don't usually cry watching anything but promised neverland is the only anime where I cried (I was still shocked! wtf! I cried?!)

   there are so many fave animes I dunno where to start😶

  1. steins;gate 
  2. your name
  3. Hyouka
  4. Food wars
  5. Assassination classroom
  6. Maid-sama
  7. Snow white with the red hair (Akigame no shirayuki-hime)
  8. Erased
  9. the promised neverland (I want to write every one of them but sadlyy no choice🥺)
    aghh! i'm going nuts over jujutsu kaisen!  

my fav OP is undoubtedly 'Touch off' from TPN as well as the OP of Your lie in April, 'Dying wish' from Moriarty the patriot, . Oh! How can I forget 'Bravely you' from Charlotte.


    Now about Mangas & manhwas....
Kaguya Sama: love is war was the first manga I read. I read it after finishing season 2. then there was a long time gap & somehow I got into manhwas ever since then my manga count is increasing terribly! well I can pick favourites from my manhwas....

  1. Who made me a princess!
  2. Unholy blood
  3. Reason why Raelina ended up in the duke's mansion
  4. Royal princess with black hair
  5. Villainess reverses the hourglass
  6. Inso's law 
  7. Beware of the villainess
  8. ways to protect female lead's older brother
    oh noo! it's getting too long!

Bye bye👋🏻!Enjoy!
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Mitsu177 Jul 4, 2021

Thanks :)

I really loved ur bio too!!

Tru that thers WAY too mamy fav Anime/Manga,Manhua,etc/Characters, that its hard to mention them all.

crispyshrimp Jun 24, 2021

I was born in America but my parents were born in Albania 🇦🇱 (which is in Europe) and because of that I'm able to speak, understand, and write Albanian pretty basically. I would ask about you but you pretty much said it all when you told me about the languages 😂. 

AND YESS I LOVE SNAPE he was one of my favorites toooooo ;-; he didn't deserve what he got.

And yeah i get why u stalled Yona of the dawn, I probably also would have done that too also if i wasn't in the mood for a shojo anime when i watched it. (Btw about Yona, she gets more character development later in the anime and manga but it's still not too extreme)

 Also how did u know I like attack on titan wait nvm it's probably my username lol. And yeah a bunch of my favorite characters died and things r getting really crazy in season 4. (I won't spoil tho just in case you watch) I personally really like it tho, if h end up watching your in for a ride!

And about future diary, I never watched it, but I have been planning on it. Do you personally think it's a good anime? (From what you've seen)

p.s. Sorry for late response, I was preparing for my sisters graduation))))

crispyshrimp Jun 21, 2021

Also have you watched the anime Yona of the Dawn?? Idk I just feel like I might like it.

crispyshrimp Jun 21, 2021

AH REALLY?? I’m also Muslim and I can read Arabic (badly 😭) too! And yes I've read Harry Potter, my favorite character was Serius but sadly he had to die. (LITTERALY HALF OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS ARE DEAD ITS SO STRANGE)

And for how I got into anime, when I was younger I would watch anime movies with my mom without really knowing what anime was, but I got INTO it recently cuz my older sister recommended me Haikyuu saying I would like it (which I did). 

crispyshrimp Jun 20, 2021

Ooo it's cool that you speak more then one language. I'm also able to speak another along with English but I'm very bad at it and I sound like an 8 year old but at least I'm trying 😂 and yes mystery, si-fi, and adventure are great, my personal favorite genres are probably: supernatural, romance, adventure/action, dystopian, and a few others. I saw that you read Sherlock Holmes and I'm probably one of the few people that never did lol. I never got the chance. And I remember reading diary of a wimpy kid and dork diaries (Zoe is probably my favorite character) a few years ago. And yeah classics are always fun to read, tho I haven't read to many. And for my favorites.... hmmm idk my TOP favorite books but some that I like are: The hunger games, the founder of diabolism, the outsiders, and pawn. If I had to recommend one of those four it would probably be The Hunger Games because liking the other three rlly depends on your taste, and I read The Hunger Games 3 years ago and I'm still obsessed! Also what is your opinion on movie adaptations?? For me I tend to always like the books better...

Anywayse now I must be going to eat, so bye for now 👋!!