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Some Things About Me

You could say I have a rare personality, I can be very passionate about somethings but also procrastinate about stuff all day long, I've also be called a energetic pessimist, cynical and hippocratic, if you're in to MBTI you could say I have a INTP-T/ENTJ type personality, though of course this doesn't bother me.
Anyway some fun things about me are
I'm a photographer and photo 'n' video editor, a musician, artist, cook, an "intense researcher" I guess you could say, chicken farmer, I also have two dogs, I love anime openings, J-pop and dark piano music, I play CRK (CookieRun Kingdom), and I'm kind of short too (155cm/5.1) 

instagram/@ezy.pix  twitter/@ezy_pix CRK/@ShibuyaRueYuka Discord/@Ito Ahmya Roblox/@Thunderingleaf

Now back to Anime

I pretty much like any genre out there as long as it has a good story.

Favorite Animes

Spy x Family

Chainsaw Man

Blue Exorcist

Dr. Stone

Toilet-bound Hanako Kun

Goals for this Year

1. Finish Naruto 

2. Learn 50 kanji

3. Get Anime merch

4. Try pocky✔️

5. Get better at making Mochi

6. Watch 100 anime

7. Make udon

How I got into Anime

I would like to say that I've watched a lot of Anime and I mean in a way I have, I started watching Anime when I was 4, I loved watching speed Racer and Astro Boy as a kid, I bet it sounds pretty odd to say that when I'm only 15 but eh it's true hahaha, I loved watching old cartoons and Anime as a kid. For a while I had stopped watching Anime and forgot all about it, and yeah I know what your thinking "How could anyone forget about Anime" well let's just say I was 6 and only had pocket change and couldn't afford to pay for a subscription to watch Anime. Anyway that's not what's important, I got back in to Anime when I was about 9 or 10, and it was some random stuff at that, things like: 

Cells at Work, Love Chunibyo and other Delusions,Gran Blue Fantasy and Robotech

And as time moved on my interest in Anime grew and my taste developed I guess you could say, I learned there were more Anime out there and different genres as well.

you could pretty much say, I'm a Otaku by this point

Anime Facts And Memes

(For Anyone Who Didn't Know)




BY The Way




And One More Thing

P.s. if you're looking for a free site to watch anime without ads, try

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MadamOtaku Jul 23, 2022

I always read the bios before I follow someone. I love reading other people's reviews too. 

I also see you like Tomari Hinowa from Jingai-san no Yome. That anime was a trip, and I don't smoke grass. 🤣😎

MadamOtaku Jul 23, 2022

Hi from Ohio. Thanks for the follow. 

I also have chickens, and cats. And goats. I liked your message and your memes. I had to follow you back, so now I'm your 25th. follower. Yay. 😉

Lavender4747 Jul 3, 2022

oo i saw ur anime list and it was really cool so..

also, ye! purple is awesomeee 💜💜💜

redjello08 Jul 1, 2022

no problem! ok , thanks for telling me

redjello08 Jul 1, 2022

hi! i followed you because you seem like a cool person