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200/2 rule :

if you a nigga and you bench under 200lbs or u a hoe with a body count of +2, don't talk to me.

They hate me cuz they ain't me

Artist for fun

or not

Yes. I am a racist, rapist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, xenophobic, antipedo (aka all of the lgbt, hollywood and recognized religious institutions), anti-christian, anti-muslim, antisemitic (which despite being barely 1% of the world pop., they control more than 50% of all banks, educational, financial and governmental institutions along with all sources and institutions related to media. All of this put together across all of the world and all its countries), anti-abrahamism, misogynist, anti-leftwingers, anti-rightwingers, anti-capitalist, anti-communist, anti-patriotism, anti-centrism, anti-third-position, anti-niggaballs... and so on and on. (I'm sorry but sadly i can't think of any more types of biggotry that i am, maybe you could help me list everything). i'm a Fascist (or Nazi) and the biggest bigot you'll ever see.

If i insulted ur favorite anime, character, fanbase or told you to kys then get over it, i'm right.

and seriously kys if you really use "overrated" as an argument.

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stardust2222 Nov 14, 2021

Ok good luck surviving 

stardust2222 Nov 10, 2021

How are you doing 

stardust2222 Nov 7, 2021

When earth is a miserable pile of waste somebody needs to be a hero 

stardust2222 Nov 7, 2021

Thanks thanks so much