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If you are like this reviewer when you noticed a special for Black Clover you got excited for some fresh material. Perhaps you thought this would be some material that wouldn't work as a full blown episode, a collection of shorts about various characters, or a 24 minute special that provided some more solid backstory for Asta {for some reason Aster in the AP synopsis} or Yuno.

You’ll be disappointed. 

This is nothing more than a recap of Asta and Yuno’s childhood and coming of age to acquire their grimoires.

The exact same scenes fans have already seen are the only thing this “special” provides.

If you’re looking to learn about Black Clover or catch up quickly this might be useful but this reviewer wouldn’t recommend that route.

Do yourself a favor and just watch the series. If you aren’t that interested in the story than watch something else. Don’t take the shortcut just ‘cause it’s there.


There is an easter egg after the ending song but unless you are at a certain part in the series it won't make any sense.

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