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Sushi Police

Jul 30, 2019

“I don’t understand you.” 

but I’m going to review you anyways.

So this anime is all about protecting authentic sushi. Those tasked with the job encompass an advocate for the purity of fresh sushi, a robot, and a doctor/mechanic/scientist.

Together these three respond to threats from around the globe: anywhere and everywhere sushi is being disrespected. 

Mr .Advocate (Honda) can hear the cries of sushi in pain - those being paired with uncomplimentary sauces, those that have expired, those being frozen, subjected to a growth ray, etc. He directs the robot (Kawasaki) and the Dr. who don’t always do what he instructs. But hey sometimes listening to the boss is a bad idea.

The supporting cast includes a busty blonde with a predictable backstory, a semi-talking cat, doppelgängers protecting pasta, a director who may or may not be what he seems, and a Chinese man dedicated to revealing sushi’s origin.

Physical gags are a staple in just about every scene. Whenever and wherever a sushi is being defiled the trio turns up for some harsh beat downs. More than one time someone is decapitated.

Wasabi bullets and gas are their goto weapons when and if their physical presence fails - which happens more than once in the 13 episodes.  Those affected by the projectiles and gas are quick to react to the strong stench.

The physical appearance of the characters - major through villain of the week(ep) - are also a running theme but little to no comments are made about them - they exist for the viewer to get a laugh out of.

The ending is a ripoff of a beloved movie.

Really there’s not a whole lot to this anime but if you’re into comedy featuring food then watching this might make you smile. 

One thing that does stand out is that America - or more precisely Americans - are not the only ones targeted for culinary insults to another country's iconic food.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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