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The Fake

Apr 26, 2019

A girl gets accepted into a university but her bank book is missing. Where could it be?

Cue the stereotypical gambling drunk father.

Why people continue to enable him to squander money, drink himself sick, and all around wreak his wife and daughter’s life, no one will ever satisfactorily explain.


This anime’s brimming over with foul language no one should ever have to listen to much less be required to say for a job.

The police are ridiculously incompetent.

One officer attempts to label degrading insults spewed right in front of him as “minor” and something that could be handled/settled without law enforcement.

Another stutters when confronted with a crime scene.


A religious leader speaks lies and a village drunk tells the truth.

Who do people believe?

Pretty predictable.

Yet there are some thought provoking questions brought up that viewers can ponder for the rest of their time on this planet.

  1. If Heaven has a capacity, who qualifies?
  2. If trust is not faith and faith is required of all those seeking salvation should people rely on others in attempting to curry favor with the Lord?
  3. When law enforcement is imbecilic and neighbors shun you what do you do about scammers?
  4. If beliefs are held to through all hardships is it not logical to kill to protect and uphold them?
  5. If faith in mankind is not a factor God considers for his kingdom should everyone just be a jerk to one another?

Perhaps the most thought provoking question brought up by this anime is if the decreasing number of people claiming a religious affiliation is due to concerns about fraudulent churches who want nothing more than money, sex, and power.


“Come on you didn’t know you were evil?”

Evil is as evil does.

Simple truths can be the hardest to accept.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
2/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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