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What does it meant to be beautiful?

Do I have to wear red?

It is all up to destiny?

Is being shy off-putting?

Do I have to keep walking to find answers?

What if I don’t want to be told what to do, what to be, how to act, or what I should do to please you or anyone else?

I’ll use my own legs to move, my mouth to speak frankly, my ears to listen to my song, my skin to feel rain, my eyes to look forward and my heart to discern the truth from lies.

Because only I know what is best for me.

This music video is all about finding answers, answers for the self: ones that can’t be given by another, regardless of their intent.

Body image will remain a concern until the end of time, no matter how often the message of self-love is played the problem will remain.

This video is another way of delivering that message. And it does a pretty dang good job.

A strong vocal performance accompanies visuals that speak of constant worry. The girl’s movements emphasize her desire for answers. Images of the past stay with her always. They are apart of her and she can not out run them, they move with her as they should.

Answers are not always pretty. Attraction is a funny thing. Whispers can be effective but sometimes you’ve got to shout to be heard.

For those looking for straight up spoon fed responses to any of the questions that started this review, look elsewhere.

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