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If you like anime where comedy is almost nonexistent but then pops up and confuses you, where things are pretty much always more than they appear, with curses and counter-curses, altered memories, uncertainties, flashbacks, stodgy old men, and a fairly simple plot, you could like this.

If you are into main character’s who smoke, have a habit of swearing and being condescending, and outwardly portray disdain for other living creatures but on the inside lament their own insecurities, you may like Lord El-Melloi.  

As a whole this 25min prelude isn’t terrible but it also isn’t great. There really isn’t much going on and what does happen isn’t all that engaging. The comedy almost made it seem like it was going to alter the dryness [perhaps it will in the continuation] but the limited screen time in this prologue just made it awkward. On the plus side the title fully encompases the story line: there is indeed a grave keeper, a cat, and a mage - point for no false advertising.

For someone who has heard of Fate/Zero but hasn’t watched the anime or read the manga getting information from the classroom lecture was helping but then jumping to a meeting with elderly men didn’t make the introduction to the world entertaining. It just makes you hate the geezers.

The most enjoyable thing about this anime just may be Svin, a character who uses BeastMagecraft. His eagerness to avenge the slaughter of a precious feline and verbal sparring/conversations with his classmate Flatt had [and has] me waiting for his next appearance. I’ll end up watching the series just to see him.

Yeah, the anime itself might not be very impressive but that one character can keep you hooked. So you just might wanna do yourself a favor and at least check it out.

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4/10 overall
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