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In hindsight I probably should have just watched this when it came out, instead I waited years so the mental build-up I had for this to be great was pretty big.

I am disappointed.

There was WAY TOO MUCH sexual fanservice going on. Lelouch is supposed to want to protect his innocent Nunnally, having her interact with barely clad girls who seriously fight about who’s the hotter rabbit was repulsive. Fawn Shirley was way out of character outfit wise, while her words and manner towards Nunnally were sweet her appearance -basically naked derriere -  is the focal point of their entire interaction.

Lelouch seriously insults himself and all that he did for two epic seasons of anime at it’s finest. Gah, it was frustrating to watch.

If you like the above stuff then you'll like this and you should give it a watch, if you're like me you probably should avoid this like a plague.

I’ll try being a bit positive to even out my personal disappointment.

1)The page turning effects were pretty good and the overall art compared to the picture dramas from the series was much brighter and worked well for Wonderland.

2) It was nice to see/read that the difference between strategy and tactics remained apart of the story.

3)Li as Humpty Dumpty was laughablly adorable {I probably need to search fanart of him in that} and Arthur makes an appearance ^^.

Ha, that was three nice things, yay for me. Boo for this.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
2/10 overall

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