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Well chaps, here we are. The end of the Queen's Blade tournament. A much better season than the first, for whatever it's worth. One finds most of one's questions answered by the end of the season and the story actually gains and follows a structure! Marvelous! Once again we decided to watch this one dubbed so grab your flip flops lads, it's party time.


In this season we follow Leina: The Wandering Warrior on her journey to win the Queen's blade by fighting her friends without being frozen in some sort of undescribed crystal of urine. The same cannot be said for some other characters however, opening a rather perculiar sub-plot where a demon very quickly turns to the side of good just by walking around with a child (who's entire body is smaller than his mother's breasts) for a couple of days. Not on my watch! I would have put this child in the ground as soon as he opened his mouth the cheeky brat! This demon maid and her strange comrads almost seem to be the focus of this season, recieving some solo screen time and jazzy walking in every ending. Some highlights of the story this season are evil agent Risty, sudden milk-addict Nanael, wand-tenticle rape, incest lesbian tension and straight-up nonsensical friend murdering! Spectacular!

Animation and Sound

The animation this season is mostly of the same quality as season 1. A rather strange amount of money, however, seems to have been spent on the ending animations. Near-60fps cycles of characters walking can be found here, accompanied by a story-relevant monologue and some energetic jazz music. As a connoisseur of jazz, this ending really rustled my jimmies! +1 to animation from last season! One wonders whether the entire plot of Queen's Blade could be extracted from these endings, saving the audience a large amount of time while providing both the visual and audio highlghts of the entire season! Alas, these endings have not been dubbed in English, a true let down leaving me emotionally drained and close to writing a strongly-worded letter to the blu-ray distributor! Maybe even to Masahiro Sakurai himself!


Season two of Queen's blade features the same characters as season one for the most part but still manages to include a few new entries. Not that this is a bad thing of course, Ikkitousen has already shown the damage that an excess of characters can do to a show and this season we needed some fodder for Leina to defeat. Perhaps the most questionable characters introduced here are Nyx and the current Queen Aldra, two characters seemingly possessed by tentacle monsters. To separate these characters then, something drastic needed to be done and, as a result, Aldra has a horn-penis and an eyepatch and Nyx gets raped every now and again by her magic wand. Thanks Japan!


In summary, Queen's Blade season two somehow manages to outshine the already great season one, elegantly wrapping up the deep story threads and adding jazz to the ending! Unfortunately the season does leave a major question unanswered by the end, just who the devil is this Swamp Witch? More importantly, does she have double-Ds too? I want to meet the character that created the acid-lactating pink slime girl! I guess I'll have to wait until next season to find out...

Absolute Harem

5/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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