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Kuroko's Basketball

Jun 21, 2015

Do you love basketball? You want to watch great anime about your favorite sport?! Well... then go for Slam Dunk (or eventually Dear Boys).

Kuroko's Basketball isn't about basketball. They have the same ball, they play on basketball court and that's it. There's no tactics, no one know anything about this sport, basketball rules exist only in part etc.
Generally it's like Dragon Ball in school gym. Everyone have some super powers and they activate them one by one.
Unfortunately there's no real plot - it's all about action on court. Main characters don't have life outside of the game, we don't know their motivations (only "I want to be the best!"), fears or problems. They just play match after match with one scheme: at the beginning Seirin are losing, but at the end they wins, because they found the way to deactivate opponents powers or/and they activate own powers on new level. And that's it. Throughout the season.

Sounds stupid and boring? Well, partly it is. But if you don't watch too many episodes at once, it can be really fun. We have very nice animations, pretty good music and sound effects. All battles have a good dramaturgy and powers aren't exaggerated.
There's no real emotions, because you always know how it's gonna end, but trust me: you can be excited :)

3/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
3/10 characters
6/10 overall

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bambibaee Dec 23, 2019

i cant agree more. the part of taiga aiming to beat the generation of miracles just blinds the part that the anime itself doesn't focus on basketball. it's just what they play and nothing more. they don't introduce anything much about basketball and tetsuya and everybody else claimed to love basketball so much but never expressed it in any way.