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If you have any manga/anime to recommend I'd welcome it! And im always down to talk anime/games/ect/ect

Genres: Psychological, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Shounen/Seinen, Political, Fantasy, Isekai/Reincarnation, pretty much anything

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Kaeseolin Oct 17, 2022

Hello! Thanks for following me back, and it was my pleasure. So what is your favorite anime/manga and characters?

Also, sorry for responding so late! How are you doing?

yuriblackwell12 Jul 15, 2022

we are on the same page

s0to May 3, 2022

So sorry for the late reply...I was moving and it took a while until I had a good internet connection again^^' Hope you are doing well :)

Honestly, I think it is so impressive that One Piece seems to keep up its quality for such a long time. At least I only hear positve things about it. Since I read it so long ago it will be pretty nostalgic I think. Me and my friends would always watch the series on TV...back then when the German anime dubs were still very good. 

Oh it's great to find someone who likes mecha too. Many people don't seem to be very fond of it :/ I...really like Gundam and I've seen pretty much every series. I've been rewatching the first one (the original from the 80ies). Still one of the best ones imo. And I watched some of my favorite parts of Gundam Unicorn. That series just look sooooo good, it just incredible. Plus it has my favorite Mobile Suit in it (the Sinanju). 00 was pretty good too, one of the better Gundam series, though I remember liking the first season more than the second one. 

I'm very sorry you lost your safe in Elden Ring! I just started to explore the Mountaintop of Giants. But I'm taking it slow, explore everything and try to do all the quests, so I feel like there is still a lot to do. Since it's my first FromSoftware game I thought I don't start with the hardest class and made my character a sorcerer. But I feel like I made him too strong. Not that I do not keep dying, because he's all damage and no defense but still xD But I'm sure there are still enough though enemies that will give me a hard time. Are you already done with the game?  

s0to Apr 8, 2022

Oh wow, impressive that you're caught up with One Piece! I've read it years ago, but then I just kinda stopped. Not because I disliked it, but I wanted to wait until it is finished...which is probably not happening soon^^' And now the chapter count is somewhat intimidating tbh xD

I have not watched a lot of anime lately. I did start to watch Gundam again, which is one of my favorite franchises (I know that a lot of people don't really care much about mecha anime, but I always thought it was super cool). As for reading, I didn't read a lot of manga, mostly books. However I think most of free time is currently dedicated to playing Elden Ring. I think it's truly a goegeous game. 

Thank you so much for the compliment :) I'm glad you enjoyed the music. I think I sometimes should write more about myself in my profile; right now it is pretty cryptic.... that cover of Kichikujima is something xD But it sounds kinda cool...