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Praise the anime Gods


I <3 anime & manga, so feel free to suggest me one to watch or read :]

Genres: Psychological, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Shounen, Political, MMO/Person in a strange world, and superpowers/magic




Ratings (why do I have so much trouble with these)



5:     All time favorites

4.5:  Amazing

4:     Great

3.5:  Good

3:     Decent

2.5:  meh. nothing special but you can pass the time with it

2:     Just kind of bad, not worth the watch (or read for manga ratings)

1.5:  Awful

1:     Horrendous

0.5: Why was this made

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OkamiHime95 Oct 29, 2020

Hi. :) I'm ok. 

Currently watching Dance in the Vampire Bund, which I'm surprised I'm liking so far! I dropped it a long time ago, but decided to give it another chance. I'm almost done rewatching the original Yugioh! ( I'm looking forward to watching Noblesse and Golden Kamuy season 3 at some point, as well as Honey & Clover. ^_^ 

I think the last manga I read was Dr Stone, but other than that, I've been too busy with anime & Kdrama's to read more. xD 

Venosaurka Oct 27, 2020

Hi! Thank you for follow!

Mentallysighing Oct 26, 2020

Not sure if you seen the trailer for it yet but I think so? I mean the dad is seen running with a chainsaw so maybe? Idk just gotta enjoy crazy killers being little cute people

Ooh I think I’m gonna rewatch it now but yea it freaky stuff one after another but I forgot that the creator did something similar to AHS where some of the cast also star in the other series so you’ll see a few of the same people in Bly Manor. Ah you’ll probably be fine not knowing a lot of the language since some people move there without even knowing the language, learning the basics will probably be helpful tho. Hmm I haven’t really thought about it but I do have a weird obsession with Ohio some reason also Russia and Australia seem like interesting places to go. Is there any other places where you want to travel to? Haha yes it’s great o time. Alrighty then I’ll try to up hold my word sir!

Nope I haven’t either but I have heard that it’s actually pretty good. Haha yes that is a great moment but the best fight scene is the honey one x)

oh I see, is animal crossing that much different? Maybe have her watch some youtube video for new players it might be easier or if you live with her you can have her watch you play and just be commenting on what your doing that’s how my mom learned to play. That’s cool imma go check it out thanks!(:

OkamiHime95 Oct 19, 2020

Hello, and thanks for the follow back. How are you? :)

Watching any good anime lately?

Mentallysighing Oct 18, 2020

Hahaha right?? The question to ask is who’s more fucked up the people doing the manga or the people turning it into some friendly show? Forsure we just got to, I saw that it’s supposedly airing next month... Hah glad it made your morning x) 

You’re gonna have to do a lot praying for her. Glad to hear you think it’s good so far! Oh I see well it does sound chill. Japan seems like a great place to go! So beautiful and people actually care about it like I’ve heard that nobody litters. So great choice and yea hopefully! Do you know how to speak Japanese? Yea it’s alright but mainly fun during Halloween time watching everyone get scared x) ofc I can just show up and say you know someone that works there and they just gotta let you x) 

Blahaha Gintama is fucking great I’ve seen just random episodes but they just a great sense of humor idk why but I watched some interview with the va and they just seem so chilled like they’re perfect for the characters. Have you seen the live action for it? Oh good I forsure got to start reading the LN, I hope so It’ll great to see tsundere dragon again x) interesting combining the two so you get to have a different experience with it all that’s neat. Aha yes Gabiru and his buddies are all clowns x)  

Aw, why is that? No she didn’t, she only played some when she was rising my brothers until now she’s going through a gaming phase x) right? He looks exactly the same and so does the other characters ah that’s her name and that therapist I didn’t recognize him shame on me I’ve even seen some of the stuff he acted in.