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micky24 Apr 28, 2021

where can you find bl anime i cant find not one and i want to watch it so bad

lolnoe Mar 4, 2021

Right? Where? I dont really understand anime_planet. I mean, it tells where to watch the anime, like haikyu, you can watch it on crouncyroll, but like this anime or manga, it doesnt even says where to watch it or read it. Like where??? WHERE.

Iloveyoo2 Nov 13, 2020

Thanks for the follow!

Pecans Sep 17, 2020

i completly understand what you mean by not being able to type, look at me, im failing english

im affraid i dont know what the fuck ig is

i use quite a few websites, i mainly use mangago since there are no viresus and hentai ads, but i also use but i use a virus protector and ad blocker

nice talking to ya

if you have discord we might be able to chat on there 


Pecans Sep 14, 2020

OMG YES, I WOULD LOVE TO, if by rance you mean romance, then im your girl, this might take a little while tho.....

i recently started adonis, we got a strong female lead and the couple is pretty wholesome towards the newest chpts.

if you enjoy bad ass FM leads you would like crimson karma, im a little gay for the FM lead but we dont talk about that, she is realy cute and funny and there is alot of charicter dovelopment

sincerely i became the dukes maid or a tender heart i became the dukes maid, we dont talk about the age difference, they have a realy cutr maid/master relationship in season1, but season2 is were all the cute shit goes down

if you just want something with a cute family situation beware of brothers is realy cute, i did leave a reveiw of it, read that if you want more detail, but push through the boring bits and it will be worth it

a commedy with hot dudes.... CHITRA, OMG, THE MEN, it is honnestly pretty funny, she got her little harem and a unrealistic situation that she lives in, perfect,

DOCTER ELISE, OMG DONT GET ME STARTED, about the cutest shit you will ever read, if you like medical dramas then you would also be obsessed with this, if not, the relationships are one of the best charicterised ive ever seen

im a child of this hous or im a child of house castellio, lets forget about the age difference, its kinda fun to watch a over deffencive brother and farther be overprotective over the little cinnamen roll that is the FM lead

lady baby this isnt realy a romance untill latter in the chpts ,that havent been releaced yet, but it will ecentually become one, all the men are addorable, but lets forget the fact that there all childeran tho

the duchesses 50 tea recipies, a verry unique one, it doesnt have the basic ass plot about the love rival and shit, it does have sexual conent tho, but its still cute

the emperors companion, this one is so underated, i dont know why it isnt that popular, the chpts are a little slow to release tho, i love the fact that the male lead is so unbeleavably stubborn tho

ill be real with you now, i cant be botherd writing discriptions after each one, so ill just name em and then add a little bit after them.....

the reason raeliana, super cute, and the FM lead is actually smart, not a dence MF

the twin siblings new life, a bunch of cute family moments and we get to see the family grow in geral as they learn how to actually look after the leads

the villainess turns the ourglass, i read the lightnovel and it is so worth it, the antag gets a kick in the ass and its so fullfilling

trash of the counts family, the scanslator is being a champ and is release chpt like drugs, this one actually has a male lead and has a verry nice art style

and how could i not suggest this WHO MADE ME A PRINCESS, TEAM LUCAS WOOOOOO.... if you havent read it i would be verry dissapointed in you

sorry if this was a bit long, but what can you do, im a person of calture

of corse is you have suggestions to me, im a person who doesnt realy care about the genre...... if you into BL i could always give you a couple of suggestions😃

nice talking to you

gotta go binge watch now..... bye