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Rooftop Sword Master

Nov 3, 2020

WoW! This manhua is just insane!!

Before starting, I warn all those who cannot stand gore well (in the beginning of the manhua and maybe later? I dunno) because, even if it's not shocking, it's still surprising. Well now that's done, let's rock!

Starting with the Art. You know when you look at a drawing wich isn't the best but that you love anyway. It's almost the same here but it's even better because the art is perfect for this story. The drawing gives off all the emotions when it's needed and it's not lacking in anything. It's at an insane level when it comes to the fights, you'll doubt you're reading a manhua.

Then, I don't have many things to say without spoiling the story. It's good, but it's a nth revenge story. I don't know if the story was great at the beginning or not, but personnaly, it inspired me. And now when a chapter comes out, it's the story that really interests me.

Finally, for the characters. It's not (yet) really explained how the mc became *like that* (yes, you have to read first) but I'm waiting the narrator to explain it.
We can't forsee what will happen! (even if it's not unpredictable, the author is good at that and that make us want to continue reading yayy!) Indeed, there're several things you can assume without being sure but some answers come as you read.
The mystery is well handled, even for the different characters.

Overall, it's a great manhua to read. You'll enjoy the fight scenes and you'll fall in love with the mix art + story. Well.. that's if you like the manhua.. but either way, give it go!

6/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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