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ImRandomJean May 10, 2022

An npc gave me the quest: "Read the most Gender Benders thy find and thy shall level up", and now I'm almost done.
(Requirements: Male To Female, No Crossdressing, Have Fun!)

I encountered main stream gender benders, actually funny ones, a few with mature themes, one with a real psychological aspect and even some I had to find a way to translate by myself to reach the end.. but it was worth it!

My favorite ones are:
-Mr. Clice - Funniest One
-Reborn To Master The Blade - Action packed, Good Drawings and more..
-Asa Okitara Onnanoko ni Natteta (not on Anime Planet) - Best doujin, cutest mc (but only 2chapters in english and 4 in total)

And I should also mention:
-Ayakashi Triangle - Mainly For The Drawings; Change (JinYuan) - I don't really want a romance tbh; Mookhyang: Dark Lady - Author's choices are puzzling sometimes; Tensei Kyuuketsuki-san.. - Too much text sometimes

I still don't know why I like them so much (since I don't question my gender nor anything related to it) but I read a bunch of them.

Now it's time to level up and stop reading huh no, continue reading them when I have the time because I still like them.

P.S: Now I also want to try Female To Male Gender Bender xD
Also, the introduction part where mc is surprised is always welcomed but not when it goes ecchi.. really.. authors should stop that..

ImRandomJean May 8, 2022

Just talked about My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending and I said: "Usually, when something different from the 'original plot/game' happens, everything goes for the best but the mc stays disillusioned and keeps thinking he's in trouble"

I think Trash of The Count's Family is one of those, it often happens that the character has a plan but decides not to follow it to save people, or sometimes it's others who block his plans without knowing but everything always goes for the best and he still thinks he will die as described in the book despite everything that's changed.. But even if the manhwa is like that, I still read 80 chapters and like it as much as many of you readers.

So I like My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending because it doesn't do that but still like Trash of The Count's Family almost as much.

ImRandomJean May 6, 2022

I considered Who Made Me a Princess and Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess perfect, or at least, webtoons in the top 1%.

But there is the R factor, aka Romance..(I know that without romance, the webtoons could be bad and all but when there is romance, most of the time, it becomes less enjoyable)

I don't mean that I hate romance or anything. Sometimes I'm the one searching for some to read but when the manga starts with a clear goal and then romance becomes the goal or takes more place that needed.. I can't keep liking it.

And maybe girls have a different pov but I feel like many male interests aren't made to be lovable at first but then the author tries to make them.

**Spoilers** (keep in mind I didn't finish reading, I'm at ch62 for Death Is.. and ch107 for Who Made Me..)

For example, I never felt like Ijekiel could be a love interest, I consider him no more than a secondary character; and I don't really like Lucas as he is (I don't know why but there is nothing I like about him). It may be personal but I feel like if the author wanted us to like them, I would have liked them way before
As for Death Is.. , Derrick has always been a no go, same for Reynold (not only because they are brothers and sisters but also because of all they did to "her"), don't even talk about Kallisto (I don't think I have anything to say.. he's cold-blooded, self-centered, cruel and annoying at that and "he's had a rough life" doens't make him any better), Vinter is a two faced man at first and I can't seem to like him more after either, but there are no real issues with Iklies, he's not really done anything (even though he's more like a pet than a man for now)

ImRandomJean Mar 28, 2022

Sometimes, I'm happy that I watched some animes when I was younger.
Because I simply skipped all "strange" parts or didn't even understand them.

I can't say the same for today..

ImRandomJean Mar 26, 2022

 I keep trying to watch Cautious Hero because it is interesting but just can't.. (the comedy: the misunderstandings, Seiya's personality and choices, the goddess' thoughts; the pace that feels slow for me, the serious parts between the comedy and the ecchi that worsens it all..) and it's the same for most animes I've tried watching recently..

I want to find the reason, but maybe I shouldn't force myself and wait..