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First of all lets make it clear that 95% of these reviews about this show are bullshit hate towards incest thing and no one is writting about show itself, so everyone gets turned off and rate it badly without even watching the show. Read my whole review before commenting anything.

I serously got mad after reading all these nonsense reviews where people talk only about " OH NO INCEST " thing and i had urge to write one. People literally can't see good thing in this show cause of others spamming everywhere. 

" OH IT HAS INCEST " and other " bad " things. Let's first talk about incest, what is wrong with you guys? You see sibling fu*king ( cause you blindly watch the show ) and i see supportive relationship beetween siblings that only have each other since their parents death.

Story: Well story is predictable but still Sora arc ( Episodes 1,7,10,11,12 ) is lifting story up a bit, of course people would start to spam " OH NO INCEST " or enjoy show untill the scene where they kiss ( on first episode as i remember ). As one guy said about his friend in his review, his friends was enjoying untill they kissed, i mean guys do you serously drop anime cause of just " sibling kiss " ? 

Story is divided in different arc's and when you add incest thing here people start saying " oh it's bad story " without even considering feelings in show,relationship beetween the characters and them enjoying before that moment. 

Story was unique and breath taking and if you only have to complain about incest thing than i think something is wrong with you or you aren't really anime fan.

Story is about loyalship, support through life, don't listening to society opinion about what's good and what's bad and youth and if you can't see that than just go away and don't say thing about this show cause most of them only throw pure hate about incest and nothing else, they don't have argument.

Also to other peoples that say " oh they just fucking in there nothing else " i need to ask what show did you watch? From episode which is 24 minute long you see 30 seconds on softcore and just talk about that. Story was amazing, full of deep feels, you could actually feel empathy with characters.

Animation: Only word that could describe this animation is " Amazing ". Every single detail, character look, enviroment, every single building and facial expressions are golden in this show. I still think 200+ shows later this was one of the most amazing animations.

Sound: Voice acting is amazing in this show, every single expression ( scene when Sora get's slapped by Haruka ) is just right on the place. I simply can't imagine other voice actors ( not even Kugimiya Rie and Daisuke Ono ) voicing those two, it was amazing. Also OST is one of the best i ever heard in a show, especially having a lot time later stuck with two songs from YnS OST ( Kioku piano and guitar version and Toui sora he ). It was amazing.

Characters: Their relationship with enviroment and how they two interact is everything in this show and once again not " INCEST THING ".  How would you feel if you were left alone with only one support in your life, and that support is left to you too?

Sora is Haruka's sibling, her body is weak, she's psychicaly hurted ever since. She is acting like a tsundere while begging to being noticed by someone ( not only her brother but others too ) 

She also has introvert persona and is kinda depressive. You didn't notice that too right? you only saw fucking. Most of her memory about her brother is how they were in love cause she probably didn't feel nothing else since she was kid and that's why she saw him as support in her life.

Haruka is young handsome boy which easily take lady's hearth, he was enjoyfull whole life, he is the one that does everything in their lifes. At first glance he is ignoring Sora cause they booth had different memories about each others. He is basically oposite of Sora.

I would talk about other characters but review is way too long and probably no one will ever read it cause reviews where incest is called out gets attention more than explanation of whole show and why it's amazing...

Overall: This was amazing, unique, breat taking show. This show was like a gift from God ( thank you Takashi Mikaze ) even after i finished it long time ago, it left me good memories about this, feelings ( I wish i could have thing to remove my memory of this show like in Man in Black, so i could feel it again ) and definetly it's masterpiece to me.

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9.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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