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Soul Eater

Jan 11, 2020

Ok, Soul Eater. My favorite of all time. It's about an academy named the D.W.M.A (Death Weapon Meister Academy). This academy was founded by the grim reaper, Lord Death. He founded the academy so that Weapons (People that could turn into Weapons) and Meisters (People that partner with and weild the Weapons.) could fight the main villian, the Kishin, Asura. A Kishin is a monster from an egg that kills people and radiates Madness. (Something that makes people in Soul Eater go insane.) Their bodies also contain Black Blood. (Usually assosiates with Madness.) It seems like a pretty basic plot, but the characters make Soul Eater even more interesting and unique. There are three main meisters, a girl named Maka Albarn, a boy named Black*Star and a boy named Death The Kid. A quick fact about Death The Kid, he is Lord Death's son. The main weapons assigned to the meisters are a boy named Soul Eater "Evans", assigned to Maka Albarn, A girl named Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, assigned to Black*Star, and Death The Kid has two weapons, Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson. The animation is in between old anime style and modern anime style, it was created in 2008. The soundtrack of Soul Eater is very unique and sticks to Soul Eater's funky style. It's something you can recongize easily. The character developent in Soul Eater is absolutely fabulous. As one of the academies professors, Dr. Stein, spirals out of control with Madness, the Meisters and Weapons continue to strive to get stronger, and they do, and they also create a stronger bond together. Black*Star learns to control Shadow Star, one of his special attacks, throughout the series. Overall,I believe that Soul Eater is a very good anime, and I reccomend watching it.   

10/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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