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My name is Eva, and I'm a pegasus inhiding, so don't tell,ok? I'm obsessed with FOB, P!ATD, and All Time Low. I'm into lots of stuff. 

I'm about as straight as Hermione Granger's hair. ;-) ;-) ;-) 

♥♥Anime/manga I love at the moment: OHSHC, Yona of the dawn, BNHA, future diary, princess jellyfish, and Danmachi. 

I hate Pokémon and dragon ball.:-[ 

I am hoping for there to be another season of Yuuri!! On Ice! And of the host club. I'm waiting for the BNHA movie to come out on DVD. 

♥♥♥♥♥my ships that I won't ever give up♥♥♥♥♥ 

♥ Yona x hak♥ Deku x todoroki♥ Victor x Yuuri♥ yuno x Yuki♥ Hikaru x haruhi♥ Bell x Hestia♥ and tsukimi x kuranosuke♥

✴Yeah, that's about it, so y'all enjoy your day!✴

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Jeerus Nov 23, 2018

i will trust you person on the internet, and go for it, i'm not losing anything besides time and time won't stop for me anyways so meh

Jeerus Nov 22, 2018

for my neighbor totoro, i really want to watch that i just had no motivation to do so, do you suggest it?

Jeerus Nov 21, 2018

i never really watched my hero academiai don't know why i just don't seem to like it 

Jeerus Nov 21, 2018