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Note: For anyone wondering where certain character likes and shows I was watching have went, I had to clear out my backlog.

I've been watching anime since 2011 and my first anime was Durarara!!. I like to watch all sorts of anime though my favorite types of shows are action and comedy. I mostly watch anime for fun and because of my love for Japanese media and I usually end up being pretty lenient on what I watch. Outside of anime I also play a good amount of video games. I mostly play JRPGs notably the Tales series and the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, but I also enjoy action games, and platformers. I also do read the occasional manga.

Every now and then I write up a recommendation for anime titles I've watched. I'll also post some of the recommendations I write on MyAnimeList.

Note: Sometimes if I haven't watched a show in a while and feel like I need to re-start it, rather than putting it on hold I'll just put it back on "Plan to Watch"

And now for an explanation of my rating system

Favorites (10) - In essence my personal top five (will eventually extend to ten) favorite anime. These are shows that I find to not only be amazing on a technical standpoint but mean a lot to me as well. Factors that differentiate a 9/10 to a 10/10 for me include relatability, what the show means to me in terms of personal relevance, and how much I’ll value it in the years to come.

Amazing (9) - What I consider to be the best that the anime medium has to offer. Shows that either stand out heavily on a technical standpoint or do a lot for me in terms of personal enjoyment. These are the shows that take the best parts of 8/10 or 7/10 shows and make sure that they use them to their fullest. Lack some of the personal elements of a 10/10 but still great shows nonetheless.

Great (8) - Some of the best that the anime medium has to offer being shows that go above and beyond in what they set out to achieve. In my opinion these are shows that excel in narrative writing, memorable characters, animation and overall presentation, and do more than just what is expected out of a good show. Some of these shows however may not do much for me in terms of enjoyment or have one major fault that keeps me from calling them amazing. But most shows with this rating come close to being amazing... Or they're guilty pleasures I enjoy so much I can't rate them any lower!

Good (7) - Shows that do enough for me to consider them good and do what is expected of a good show. They have the baseline for good writing in terms of story and characters, use animation and music to amplify the experience, are for the most part enjoyable, and even do a few things to set them apart from the crowd. Unfortunately shows with this rating just do enough to go above and beyond often leaving me feeling that they could be more or just may have a few glaring issues.

Above Average (6) - Not the biggest fan of these shows but they aren’t bad and there is still plenty of aspects that are salvageable. Shows with this rating usually come in two varieties. The first is shows that do enough good things but don’t really allow themselves to thrive on the good aspects or have a decent amount of negative aspects that keep me from fully appreciating them. The second are shows that probably do deserve a 7/10 on a technical standpoint but I either didn’t enjoy them too much or don’t have strong feelings about them.

Average (5) - Not bad, but not good either; alright shows all around. There’s enough good in these shows that I can’t dismiss them as failures but they are balanced out with things I don’t like. Similar to type II 6/10 shows these are mostly shows I don’t really have strong feelings towards.

Below Average (4) - Still not bad but this is where the negative really begins outweighing the positive. There may be a decent number of good aspects to these shows but the bad aspects are more present than the good or actually get in the way of the good aspects. Shows with this rating are usually more boring than anything and as such I just don’t feel too strongly about shows with this rating for me to really call them “bad” or even say I dislike them. Simply put I don’t care about these shows.

Bad (3) - There may be a few silver linings but for the most part there isn’t anything I liked about shows with this rating. These shows fail in many areas or just ultimately do not work. Either that or I find them so boring that even calling them below average is being too nice. However I simply just dislike these shows rather than hating them because shows of this rating are usually just bland and forgettable, but also aren’t offensive or painful to watch. This rating (and the ratings below) is rare because I usually try to find some degree of enjoyment in what I watch.

Awful (2) - Shows with very few or no redeeming qualities. Literally there is nothing to like about shows with this rating. Whether the story is a poorly written mess, the characters are forgettably bland, and I don’t enjoy watching them these are shows that I just outright hate. Unlike a 3/10 they are painful to watch and are absolutely offensive.

Atrocity (1) - The worst that anime has to offer at least in my opinion. You have to try and make a show this bad. Shows of this rating come in two types. The first type is shows that have tested my patience and fail in every single aspect that they try to do to the point where I can’t even praise the redeeming qualities. The second aspect is shows that have absolutely nothing to offer for me being bland, forgettable, and just a pain to watch.

No Score (N/A) - Reserved for shows that I need to re-evaluate which can be for multiple reasons. Either I was unfair to the show on my judgment for it the first time or I didn’t give much attention to the show and feel like it needs a rew-watch.

Any ratings are subject to change at my own personal discretion. Also I do not rate one-shot OVAs or specials.

Other places you can catch me at: (PSN - NinTeddie64, Twitter - ImagineZapper)

I no longer update my manga list on here, click here for a more up to date list

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TheEdgelordAnnasui Nov 7, 2016

Well hello there, you seem to have a good taste in anime.

thor123 May 25, 2016

Hello, and thanks for adding custom lists on Anime-Planet!

We recently launched some changes and now have a few new privacy levels for lists, including ‘Private’ (the default value for custom lists), and ‘People who visit my profile’ for personal tracking (‘Things I plan to watch in 2016’) that your friends might want to know about, or personal challenge lists, etc. These can be seen in your profile, or everywhere across the site for those who follow you. Here’s a full writeup of the privacy levels.

Some of your lists have been changed to ‘People who visit my profile’ - you’ll see a small eye icon (that only you or your followers will see) next to these lists titles. The reason for these changes is that they are “favourite” type lists without descriptions/ reasons for why the items are in your list, or - in the case of the "Anime watching challenge 2016"-list, because it's a personal tracking list (also, please don't advertise challenges on sites that are direct competitors - Anime-Planet also has an anime viewing challenge of it's own here).

If you eventually decide to turn these "favourite" lists into community lists (‘best of’ list with descriptive titles and descriptions for each list item, like in your top hated characters list) feel free to change the privacy level to “Everyone” to make the lists public again :)

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!

pizzagna Apr 29, 2016

A lot of your ratings of shows you watched are similar to mine. Maybe we have similar taste?

TrickxHunter Mar 4, 2015

Hey is really Assasination Classroom similar to Hataraku Mauo-Sama? I LOVED Mauo-Sama so I think I might give Classroom a try :)

Sianeka Aug 4, 2014

Hello and welcome to a-p!!  Hope you enjoy your time here. ^_^