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Spirit Hotel (Novel)

Jun 30, 2020

Starting with the story, I love the idea of working in a hotel where you serve otherworldly beings, combining fantasy and a little bit of modern. However, we don't really see much of it. The plot points are mostly solving other people's relationships problems then the protagonist romance problem. There are hardly any guests coming in because of the high standards you have to get there. We see all of the races in the hotel, yes, but they usually stay for a chapter then leave because the hotel is also like a bridge connecting the realms together and use it as a portal so they leave after a night. I would like to see the protagonist helping a lot of people/ races and earning his pay instead of gossiping all day and solving love affairs. The relationship with the protagonist and the ML are done directly at the end and then it cuts off after they "officially" get together. I don't like that. Yes, we have extras to view what happens afterwards but that was all too sudden and disappointing. Even then the extras didn't fulfill my thirst, I would like to see an extra where we see the hotel far into the future and not directly after the plot ended. See how the relationship between the two grew and the hotel status. The protagonist's attitude after getting used to all the craziness and there are a couple of loose ends and questions like with the werewolves moon problem and how the titans plan to get income after that whole ordeal, how will the protagonist (spoiler) deal with eternal life will he get bored? Did the couple ever fight? Sigh, I wish for more.

Talking about characters, I really like how the protagonist isn't this all powerful being, nor this helpless baby or even a super guinise. He's witty and shameless with his mouth. Always cracking a joke or pun all the time, even if the other's don't understand (including myself, because it was originally in chinese). He seems to get out of life threatening situations by talking his way out, as in flattery or shamelessness. Everyone is coming to him with their problems because he's smart and witty then proceeds to threaten him if he doesn't comply. Deceiving others into believing his lies! I was laughing at some parts because of him! He gets thrown into a pit a couple of times because of his lies causing more lies and flattery! As for the ML he's a standard ML, cold, indifferent and powerful but with a reason! He wouldn't be who he is today(or in his situation) without those traits, it's nice to see! Of course there is character development for him now he's less cold and cares deeply for his love but not overly possessive or pampering as other novels make ML (though protective and pampering when needed) he even makes a couple of dry jokes! As for other characters, all of them have their moments and traits, most of them are memorable by their personalities shining through. Most are likeable and add flavor to the story which I enjoy. However, the side relationships I don't have a problem with but with the semes (tops) are too overprotective and toxic, to me. (spoilers) You're "dating" someone other than me? I'm going to beat them up! You left me heartbroken so I'm going to kidnap you and trick you into drinking alcohol so we can have one more passionate night together. You even look at my boyfriend and I'll bite you! Calm down, please. Other than that it's okay at best. 

Overall, it was cute and refreshing to read, comedic and stupid at times too, I enjoyed it.

8.5/10 story
?/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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