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This manga really hits the homerun in terms of relatability and despite the sexual context of given 'lesbian' in the title i would say anyone could read it despite being of whatever sexuality they belong to.

This manga is based over the incidents which happened throught the life of the author in her journey to adulthood which covers her struggle to find employnent to the mental issues she suffered from to the pressure of parent's and society's expectations toward her and just the urge to have sex to climb that stair of being a 'true adult' who could say 'yes i've done it' as some of which, most of us has experienced in our lives at some point or another, in a really comic way yet without losing the grip over the narrative or making it feel acutually comic or exxagerated.

There is no unnecessary dramatization of the characters to create the humour  but it  comes naturally from the fact that how true and relatable the story is.

Coming to the aesthetical part of this manga,the artstlye and character designs.They are really simple and doodlish which we dont generally see in most mangas which deals with such a deep narrative but it doesnt affects this manga in any negative way but provides a fresh and light experience while reading such a emotionally relative story.

Overall speaking 'My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness' is one of the best experience you can have while reading manga of only six chapters which would leave you thinking about life afterwards.

9/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
10/10 overall

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