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Ill be putting this review together based on the entirety of the series thus far. First off, watch the anime series before this movie, as the 3rd movie is a direct continuation of the anime series.

This movie and series is a work of art. The only reason i gave a 9 for characters is because im not the biggest fan of children in stories, as the story's character developement tends to be a bit more immature. That being said, while character development is slightly lacking, its still very well put together, and the creators dont hold back showing what its like for a small child to go through the trials and horrors of the abyss itself.

Overall, the story is amazing, and a new idea which is always welcome. As the characters delve deeper, you cant help but to watch in awe as you witness some of the things the abyss has to offer. Similarly, as the characters delve deeper, you cant help but to watch in horror as you witness some of the horrifying things that are at risk the further you go down.

The soundtrack is phenominal, and i actually listened to the soundtrack on my own before watching this in its entirety, which should speak volumes about how well Kevin Penkin and others made the music.

Animation is great, though nothing really close to something like Demon Slayer, its style is fitting for the story. Im obsessed with nature and the idea of exploration, so this hit a niche i am a part of deeply. 

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall

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