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Cordell Jun 13, 2021

P.S Life without my phone is lonely, boring and intense at times 

(especially at work)

My Phone runs my life, like most of us in the world today, LMHO.

Cordell Jun 13, 2021

Hi the Character is called Goku Furinji from Goku: Midnight Eye OVA's

Catbeeisafraid Jun 13, 2021

I'm scared of lots of things but I can't pin point most of them, One that I am aware of is probably of my closer family dying. It's a little irrational haha.

Catbeeisafraid Jun 13, 2021

No trashta is trash!! If you like trashta that is a okay 👌 but I love Navier and we want her to be happy- so I guess trashta did do so right. Now she can divorce what's his face

.. I hope you were talking about the remarries empress lol

Colossaltiny Jun 13, 2021

Yoooo this is Makarov the guild master  from fairy tail. In both pictures. 😁