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D4RKS3NS3I Jun 27, 2021

Sorry for the late-ish reply ahha

Np mate, welcoming new users is something I love to do! 

And yeah, A-P is by far one of the most chill websites I have ever seen. Glad to have you here!

Cordell Jun 22, 2021

In my life, I play a lot of mobile games like afk arena and genshin impact, so sometimes I escape in the games like I'm in an isekai, so to answer your question, I wish I could live in my mobile, like an isekai anime, manga or game, but really it's what I use to escape reality. Also I have a vpn to hide my true location, so I don't get hacked again.

Slinderman407 Jun 21, 2021

Uhh well it's for a very speacial reason... You may know of a certain Berrymarry

I do it because she likes him. Like I said it's for joking purposes.

petezc123 Jun 21, 2021

It's a little hard to follow (The characters often discuss magic and the supernatural and it can be hard to understand at times) but I think it's a very good series

ItsAkira Jun 20, 2021

You can call me Estelle.