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No Love Zone

Feb 19, 2022

Before going any further, a lot have dropped this because in the beginning its black mail and a bit of lack of consent. IT GETS WAY BETTER AND ACTUALLY FRIGGIN CUTE AFTER I THINK AROUND CHAPTER 20 SO IF YOU READ PLEASE BEAR THROUGH IT, ITS WORTH IT. That being said, when they start dating it's really frigging cute especially how they both are with kids is so wholesome :((. I recommend reading this if you're looking for nice smut and a cute couple with not too much toxicity, bit of possessiveness but it's not a toxic possessive. 


Mc sees ml at the train station and wanted his number but ends up finding him as a new upper boss in his company. Mc has terrible luck with dating douchebags hence the last ex who keeps showing throughout the story. Ml ends up making Mc work too much and do petty stuff all because he rejected him in high school when he looked tiny and nerdy. Mc confesses he likes ml and ml just responds with how Mc did to his confession in his school. Mc avoids him in shame and then gets mad and hates him after realizing him tormenting him at work cause of the past. One night Mc drank too much at the work putting and ml took him to his house because no one knew where he lived. Mc drunk babbles, almost but does kiss him and they end up having smex. People see this scene a bit rape and non consensual cause he is drunk which it is tho I think the author tries to make it not come off that way cause we see Mc thoughts of "I should stop this but I dont want to". When Mc calls out ml he realizes that's not what he meant to do and realizes he wants Mc still and thus we see them bloom xD. Mc siblings LOVEEE the ml and they're so wholesome through the story. Ml ends up being a big Ole teddy bear that just wants smex and to take care of his lover. His possessiveness wasn't ever too toxic it actually saved Mc :(( also, Mc loves the jealous side of ml thinking it's cute and Boi is it. The special episodes are cute but the main story is better. 

**boss-employee** **high school acquainted**

8/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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Samara995 Mar 28, 2022

IKR. I have read yaoi with worse stuff in them and still getting good reviews. Don't get the hate on this one.