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These are BL that are really wholesome and cute **some may contain smut but this is mostly the SFW BL**

BL Idols

A collection of BL based on Idols that I really enjoyed and recommend :))


These are a list of BL/ Yaoi that involve work relations :))

Buff bottoms

Us yaoi sinners love a good buff bottom that would get mistaken as a top xD

Completed BL

These are BL/Yaoi that are completed release wise and the amount of chapters they have

I Know You

BL/Yaois where the main couple have known each other in the past, either in high school or childhood friends.

Short BL/Yaois

BL/Yaois that are 30 chapters or less so you can read in a day or less :))

Top Yaois

A list of yaois that I will continue to reread because they're so damn good MUST READ.