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How I rated my anime:

5⭐️ Enjoyed watching every SINGLE episode!

4.5⭐️ Must watch anime, would highly recommend, I can promise you, you won't regret!

4⭐️ Highly recommend it, can't promise that you would like it, BUT must give it a try 

3.5⭐️ Great anime, could've been better, started off great but somewhere throughout the anime became meh

3⭐️ I don't regret that I watched them, I'm kind of proud that I've watched, has some good scenes but story wise just pushed myself to watch

2.5⭐️ Felt nothing, yeah I watched them, not good/bad, some was good only a bit, for these anime most of them was really easy to watch, didn't made me feel want to drop

2⭐️ Not confident to say it was good,I don't regret because some say they were actually good

1.5⭐️ Took a hard time to watch from the star to end, wanted to drop but didn't because there was hope at some point during the show but realised was a waste of time after watched the whole thing

1⭐️ Why did I even watched them? I could've just dropped them from the middle, regret that I've watched

0.5⭐️ Worthless, don't waste your time on these shows

No stars Can't remember if it was good or not

Best anime of the year 2018: Banana Fish

Best anime of the year 2019:  Sarazanmai and Attack on Titan 3rd season

Best anime of the year 2020: Dorohedoro

Best anime of the year 2021: JoJo's Bizarre adventure: Stone Ocean and Beastars 2

Best anime movie watched: Colorful

Best adventure anime watched: Hunter x Hunter, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Best shounen anime watched: Nobunaga concerto, Death note, Mirai Nikki, HunterxHunter, Code Geass

Best fantasy anime watched: Attack on Titan, Land of the Lustruos, The promised neverland 

Best action anime watched: Aoharu x Kikanjuu, Tokyo ghoul, Attack on titan, Noragami, Psycho-Pass, Seraph of the end, Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

Best mystery anime watched: Erased, Blast of tempest, Hyoka

Best harem anime watched: Clannad, Kanon

Best comedy anime watched: Asobi Asobase, Daily life of highschool boys, Prison school

Best horror anime watched: When they cry:Higurashi, Ghost hound

Best mecha anime watched: Code Geass, Eureka seven AO

Best romance anime watched: Say I Love You, After the rain, Orange

Best slice of life anime watched: Yotsuiro Biyori, Barakamon, Kimi to Boku, Natsume yuujinchou

Best iyashikei anime watched: K-on!(!), Mushishi, Kobato

Best coming of age anime watched: Hanasaku Iroha, Honey and clover, March comes in like a lion

Best seinen anime watched: Aoi Bungaku series, Ajin, Genshiken

Best josei anime watched: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Honey and Clover, Mr. Osomatsu

Best drama anime watched: 91 days, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Nana, Rainbow, Monogatari series

Best Noitamin A anime watched: Terror in Resonance, Sarazanmai

Best dystopia anime watched: Shinsekai Yori

Best psychological anime watched: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Best sport anime watched: Big windup, Run with the wind, Haikyuu!, Yowamushi Pedal

Best shoujo anime watched: Ouran High School Host Club, Cardcaptor Sakura

Best episodic anime watched: Cowboy Bebop, xxxHolic, Lucky star

Best sci fi anime watched: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuyama, Inuyashiki

Best thriller anime watched: Tokyo ghoul

Best supernatural anime wathced: Devilman: Crybaby

Best superpowers/psychic powers anime watched: Mob Psycho 100 

Best BL anime watched: Gravitation, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Best gag anime watched: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., Gintama

Best romantic comedy anime watched: My little Monster

Best short episodes anime watched: Ani ni tsukeru Kushiro wa nai!

Best OVA watched: Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai

Best BL anime movie watched: Doukyuusei-Classmates-

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ioiioigina Jan 9, 2021

Hey, I literally made an account just to ask this lol. Where is your profile picture and profile banner from? It's adorable 

FairyFlare Oct 11, 2019

Please help, how can i actually read a mangga here? Can't figure it out. Thanks

Stela Jul 5, 2019

 Nice lists! Quite helpful, thanks

Stela May 16, 2019

Hi Hoshikochan! thanks so much for your suggestion about Black Butler!

Domoquadrant Apr 27, 2019

Thanks! I checked out your manga lists, and it looks like there's a lot of stuff there that I might enjoy. Also, when I finished reading Sotsugyousei I had no idea that O.B. was next, I just went straight to Blanc and was so confused, so thanks for clearing that up!