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WonderBoom Dec 30, 2014

Me too! hahaha, what about you? How's it going? :P

WonderBoom Dec 30, 2014

 Hoshi098 says...

Hahaha, same here! I got a lot of stuff I should be doing right now :P 

Well, it isn't good to be stressed for this things, so better try to complete what you have to do and then you won't have to worry later ^^

I try but always something comes up! I hate it! :P But it is what it is I guess :P

sleepyeyes24 Dec 30, 2014

I agree with ya, it would be really hard to pick just one. Glad we don't have to

sleepyeyes24 Dec 29, 2014

Hey, thanks for the welcome and hellos. Don't really have a fav but I enjoyed steins gate, angel beats, kokoro connect,sao, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! just for an example :) May have watched a few show's but my want to watch will prolly always out number my I have watched. So what are some of your fav show's & charatchers 

WonderBoom Dec 29, 2014

Well the thing is I have so much stuff I have to complete I'm overwhelmed and I do nothing in my free time, but then my head is stressed over that so MY HEAD hahahaha