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WonderBoom Jan 2, 2015

Yes I am! 

Yes I will!


sleepyeyes24 Jan 2, 2015

Hoshi098 says..

Some of them are my fav genders too :) 

Hahah, you're right there ^^ You never know when you'll find something you might like. That's why I try to give an opportunity to all animes :3

Than's why I dont have to many drops or wont watch on my list, but there is just so many shows to watch<~ my to watch list my never be completed. Esp as of late I think I've been enjoying  just about everything that comes across my screen, maybe it's just random luck of the draw. Some how I doubt it. But it's ok thou, I dont like to wait week to week to watch a show, so I let them finish up, then attack them one by two ;) have to have a fun/cute one and one that's not. At least thats how I roll. Neways hope your new year has started off on the right foot, mine sure hows :D

WonderBoom Jan 2, 2015

I'm the king of lazyness! I didn't hahaha

I think I'm almost out of vacations, and I'm in the same position haha

And thanks! Have a happy year you too! :P

WonderBoom Dec 31, 2014

Well you're probably not lazier than me! hahaha, and I hate having a bad mood but it's inevitable sometimes heh, I'm not excited either about new years, not because I'm not excited (yeah, I just said that haha), but because there was this thing I had to finish before new years, and while I COULD do/try it, assuming tomorrow itself is new years, my family might have plans and tell me tomorrow and I'll probably need to go to that so my day might be very moved, and I don't see me waking up early either given the time it is right now haha I hope things go slower too, short vacations are running out! hahaha, ahhh life, always being "hard" no matter what.

sleepyeyes24 Dec 31, 2014

fav gender huh  lol :P smh :) my fav anime genres are

                    Horror                              Magic               Slice of Life                            Ecchi            Adventure          Harem            School Life                      Romance                   Vampires                Comedy                                  Drama               Fantasy       Action                    Survival                     Dragons                 Assassins                Thriller                     Psychic/super Powers       

But I am fairly opened minded thou, I am game to check out most shows. Never know when you'll find a daimond in the rough