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sleepyeyes24 Feb 8, 2015

No, bad times def don't last for ever :) Just feel like they do. How ever some times that's all we can do, one foot in front of another. Might as well try and smile a long the way, never know what you'll miss with your head hung low. & Promise I wont think badly of you for having a few off days/weeks :) they are a part of life...we all have'em

No snow for you??? Guess that means no digging out the car b4 going to work in the morning or slip and slidding all over the road :) Snow can be a drag, but I do love to see the seasons change. That is a big reason why I like living here, get to see all 4 seasons.

And yes plenty of anime to watch, think I have 1000+ shows on my to watch list. Hope I never get to them all lol :D enjoy the day

sleepyeyes24 Jan 30, 2015

:) hello hello, 

Summer huh ? It's winter here in the states, but I can't really complain thou. Arizona were I live is fairly mild in the winter, unless you live north of me. I kinda live in the middle of the state, so I get perfect :) a little bit of snow but it melts the next day and the summer aren't  hot :D Thankgoodness for that. Even thou there isn't much a beach here, but Id love to go one of these days. Maybe you'll catch some waves for me if you find yourself soaking up the beach front sunshine. 

Sorry to hear that it hasn't been your week, think the last we spoke you were kinda having an iffy week then too. Maybe you just need to smile and put one foot in front of the other and see what happens :D I know I have to kick start myself here and there or I get into a rut. A rut just isn't all that much fun :) 

No, I tried. I watched a few first episodes ( assassination classroom,absolute duo) and they were pretty good, but def let me wanting more. So i'll just wait :) 

Bakemonogatari~ Was pretty good, def different to say the least. Lots of dialog, makes you pay attention :) and nisemonogatari is pretty good too, more pervered thou w/o much nudity if any. Haven't watched the others yet nekomonogatari,monogatari 2en season, kizumonogatari <~ movie, hanamonogatari, and last but not least, tsukimonogatari. So there's plenty to watch, like you said. There's toooooooooons of anime to watch :P 

Enjoy your day, I am finding my pillow & slumberland

sleepyeyes24 Jan 29, 2015

Hiya's, I am doing well....Same ole same ole, another day another dollar earned. It's just to bad them dollars don't go very far or last very long :D 

So how are you doing??? It's been awhile since I've seen you around, hope all is well in your neck of woods. Been up to anything fun or just taking care of businness ? I'ts been really nice here, so I've been out and about a lot lately. Nothing really exciting unfortanally. Guess that's a good excuess to plan a vacation :)

Anime news, I wussed out lol :D couldn't just watch one episode and wait all week for the next one to come out. So I am watching the fate/ & monogatari series. The first seasons were great, watching Niesmonogatari now.

sleepyeyes24 Jan 8, 2015

Yeah maybe so :) the anticipation factor alone could be worth waiting for, smh damn cliff hangers thou... I think with some show it would be alright to wait and what not, but there has been others that would have really annoyed me to have to wait for'em. Esp when instent gratification can be achieved, and who doesn't like being able to have their cake and eat it too & I do love me some cake. 

Idk if I could hang watching a whole seasons new anime at once, think there was like 16 shows that I wanted to check out this last winter. Like I said I may give it a shot this up coming spring, mainly to chat with others while the show is airing ( think it could be more fun that way)   

sleepyeyes24 Jan 3, 2015

My new years was a quiet one, and I agree with you I'am really looking forward to this up coming year. Hope to change a few things :D so we'll have to see how it goes, it's still early lol :D 

I've thought about whatching this up coming anime season differently then I normaly do, like yourself watching it weekly as they roll on out. But idk thou, I really hate wating for things esp when I dont have to.  I think that the story lines would get convoluted for me if I were to watch several at the same time.