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Honestly wtf. The art is good but the emotions for characters is always lacking. There is no... emotion on their face or eyes. 

Moving on to plot, when I saw the art, I honestly had high hopes. 1st chapter, despair. Okay. That is a go-to for most edgy protagonist. But! What is that absurd method of gaining the gift? Everyone should die? And the MC is hella weak but he somehow managed to kill the OP boss that wiped out his entire team and was still on roll. That too in one-blow?! Plot armor to some extent. Okay. Let's move to next chapter. MC is extremely hungry and he is basically depressed because of everyone's death. But still, he goes to a beginner's dungeon to earn money now that he is out of it. Okay. Let's go. Dungeon time! BUT THEN! The moment he sees an army of golems, his first reaction is not to run. It is to fight. And not only that, fight them bare-handed to test out his strength. This was all two panels after he said he is extremely weak so he can only go for novice dungeons. Please make this make sense .-. 

And well, once he realizes he is not able to kill them bare-handed, he uses the blade he got. Somehow he instinctively knows how to use a blade?????? Isn't he a trash????? Author you are defyinh your own character setting. Please choose a role and stick to it. 

When I saw the cover, I thought this was a Korean manhwa. Gave me a bit of solo leveling vibes but eh. I was not expecting it to be similar or anything. Just something good. But it was instead... a Chinese manhua, that too a trash one. I ask the author to go back to university and take some creative writing classes so that he can learn how to pace the plot and plug these massive plot holes he has managed to dig in only 3 chapters. And if that is not enough, please drop this so that the artist's talent does not go to waste on this shitty plot. 

1/10 story
8/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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