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TheMedoGuy Feb 16, 2022

Guess your just not a fan of the genre then cuz most of the are top tier 5 stars and i hardly give anything a rating of more than 3. 

Tetwisted Feb 13, 2022

"Honestly, every chinese manhua I have read have been run-of-the-mill trash" I agree, while others make more diverse stories and you never now when you can find a gem, the chinese ones are always following the same base storyline just in different circumstances.

TheMedoGuy Feb 8, 2022

You could try: 

Apotheosis ( for me its 4.5/5)
Martial Peak (5/5)
Tales of Demonds and Gods, 
Battles Through the Heavens, 
The Kings Avatar
Martial Universe,
The Ghostly Doctor,

The Ultimate of All Ages
God of Martial Arts

Divine Doctor 
Dragon Prince Yuan

Try these and let me know what you think.