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As of writing this review, im currently at chapter 13

Is this manga worth it? Yes (even though it might not be your taste, i would recommend it)

It is a rollercoaster of emotions, more like a punch of different emotions, its amazing, the development the main leads have are really great, and the mc which i thought i wouldnt like is just so loveable, as for the fmc idk

I read this while i was staying up so my mind isnt in the best state but thats the time where reading mangas are the best

This manga really makes me cry a lot (not as in cry but as in tear)

The art is pretty good since i dont expect much (or maybe my standards is just low)

As for the review ill write it below



This manga started off by focusing on the fmc, here, the fmc is a girl who wanna have a normal, fun high school, but sadly she gets bullied by the bullies in her class, as for the mc, he is fat and round, he is hated by most of the people since he is an otaku  and like eroge, but he is by no means dislikeable, in fact he is so kind and so fucking loveable and precious too, he have 2 good(amazing) friends but i wont talk much about his friends since it might be a light spoiler

The story starts by the bullies tricking the fmc into making her guilty and saying she needs to date the mc so they could forgive her, as the fmc is weak emotionally, she complys with them, and she feels even more guilty now that she has to lie to the mc

As for the mc, being a virgin and an otaku he was more than happy to have a gf, so he accepts it

At first the fmc isnt really that likeable since she feels like manipulating the mc just because of her troubles, but as time goes on she fell in love with the mc, but of course since the whole dating is just a game made by the bullies, we all know how it will goes

The thing which first made me tear up was the mc's backstory and how he acts strong despite being in pain emotionally, its just really amazing since i probably wont be able to do the same,

Also his friend called Bizen is a fucking legend, he is the best bro and he is just epic

The thing which annoys me would be the repeatedly expressions the fmc have and also the self loathe (which i dont really mind because i never experienced it so i dont wanna say much about since it may come off as insensitive)

Over all a really solid manga, leans toward the drama, psychological, seinen type coated with shounen-tic school life vibes (even thought the psychological isnt much)

10/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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