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A mash-up of multiple genres and yet it's pretty good.

Gideon is a member of the Hero's party but he lacks the necessary raw strength? (the anime doesn't clarify) to stand next to the Hero (who happens to be his sister). Forced to quit the party Gideon decides to run off to a small town, Zoltan, and becomes an Apothacary, where he assumes the identity of Red a mere D-Rank adventurer.


  • No Harem, Red is a one-woman man.
  • Red and Rit (love interest) actually confess to one another.
  • Red is OP, but not typical Isekai OP trash.
  • Fun Side Characters.
  • You really do care about the Hero and Gideon's relationship.
  • Some cool ideas about destiny and choice are thrown in, with the character Al.
  • It has elements of Rom-Com, Slice of Life, Fantasy, etc. Since it doesn't pander to a single genre the story is less bound by cliches.


  • The world isn't expanded upon as well as other anime.
  • The Apothecary business is boring.
  • There is a secret hidden plot by the Demons but it is very poorly done, and I didn't get invested in it.


This is hardly the best anime out there BUT like with most anime out right now, it's not Escapist fantasy, with a Protagonist who has a Harem with a 12yo in it. It's a good Christian anime, for all us vanilla people out there. 

Have fun watching this unless the last 3 episodes turn out to be bad in that case I'm sorry.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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StevenSAKUJO Dec 8, 2021

nice review.

This anime is pretty wholesome for sure, I would say the main problem of this anime is that it's boring, Red and Rit have no flaws and they are provided with no challenges in their relationship, their business, their hero work or anything at all really. Also, Red leaving the hero's party makes less and less sense as the anime goes on and makes it clear that Red was basically the party leader and clearly the most valuable member besides Ruti. Also, does Ruti even need help with the combat? She is family to him and so important but he leaves without saying anything to her and just pretending to be dead, it's really bizarre but we're supposed to just accept it.  I think if people can get into the wholesome love story and cutesy scenes then this anime could be good, personally I just found the various plots to be really weak and boring, I'd say it is a way to kill time but that's about it. 

sgtweird Dec 7, 2021

gideon was one of the more important members one member did not like him so he kicked him out ok?