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Clotilde Jun 6, 2021

No problem! Let's chat every once in a while ^^


Good Bye Amino :'v | •Anime• Amino

abbyishere4manga Jun 1, 2021

Thanks for following me HiiiSkyy! 
Your bio's super cute
Anyways, I'm super distracted, haha what i'm trying to say is thanks for following me, if you ever want to chat about anime, manga, and characters, i'm always interested! 

EnaChan May 31, 2021

Yeah! Hope to talk more about anime in the future with you! ヽ(^o^)

EnaChan May 30, 2021

Hi! Thanks for the follow! I followed you back, and I noticed that you watched somethings I like! You've got good taste! ^_−☆ Hope you have a good day/night! I also like your pfp and description too! d(^_^o)

Prinapri May 29, 2021

Thankyou 😊