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Dropped after chapter 69.

I had a lot of fun with this series, until Mitsuo(the pig breeder guy) became a pedophile! Which, I should've seen it coming, in chapter 37(?) he married Tsuruhime which was more than obviously a child but it was played off as a joke and he was clearly uncomfortable. I was really hoping to see Mitsuo be a father figure to her and make her realise she was more than just a bargaining chip for peace and could be strong and independent much like the main character instead of a house wife that her original family had always planned for her.

Instead she is a, what? 10-13, 14 at the OLDEST; girl forced to marry some old man. Child bride who is soooo mature for her age. Yeah fucking right. Now you might say "Ohh but this historically accurate! Of course she is a child bride it's not that big of a deal!!"

Mitsuo had children. HE IS FROM THE MODERN AGE.. He has been a father, he knows its morally wrong because he's literally said that ya know, she's just a child! Other characters agree that she is a kid. This idea that children who are "mature for their age" makes it okay to screw or be with them romantically is so fucked. He is literally a pedo, idc if this is just fiction it's normalizing the idea that if children, LITTLE GIRLS, are mature(for their age. What about compared to grown women? Doubt it's the same.) then grown ass men can have their way with them. No child is ready for romance and sex at the age she's implied to be.

6/10 story
7/10 art
5/10 characters
2/10 overall
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