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Short version is this Manhwa is awful. Its not worth writing a full in-depth review on so ill sum it up in a few points.

1. It is blatantly apparent the Author has no idea how to write a convincing or even barely average story. The first 5 chapters will give you such bad whiplash you'll end up in hospital. They literally skip any building of a father/daughter relationship, why it happened, why the FL just went along with it, what she did over the span of a month, the names of half a dozen characters they couldn't even bother to flesh out.... you get the point.

2. All the characters are bland and emotionless. They show essentially no true emotion or any sort of realistic relationship. Just move from 1 scene to the next like robots.

3. The title is so horrifically off its not funny. FL's backstory (if you can even call it that) is absolutely nothing like Cinderella, so the author obviously hasn't read it (or its shameless bait).

4. There is no purpose to the story. Chatacters have no motivations (believable ones at least) and the Manhwa feels so forced it made me cringe.

Literally the only thing even mildly good about it is it depicts her father and mother as actually being older, rather than half the other Manhwas in which they always look in their 20s like the MC.

Just don't waste your time reading it. I can give you recommendations for a 100 manhwas in this genre better than this.

2/10 story
6/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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